A drink that is like 99.9% fruit juice. it is also a term used to describe the people that drink them.
Monkey: Ben your such a woo woo!!!!!
Ben: Go smoke some bones monkey
Monkey: I have they were crazy
by markc666 February 11, 2008
An American Indian. Originates from the episode of Drawn Together, Ghostesses in the Slot Machine.
Cree Summer may play a lot of black characters, but in realily she is a woo woo. She even mocks her own heritage in the Drawn Together episode Ghostesses in the Slot Machine.
by DooDooMan November 17, 2007
another name for your cooter.
A: "someone smells like fish"
B: "sorry its my woo woo"
by i<3hannah5391 March 15, 2007
The name for needing a wee and a poo at the same time!
I've gotta go to the toilet, I really need a Woo Woo!!!
by Durwood September 15, 2006
Woo Woo, although originated by Bubb Rubb, means something that is great, fascinating, or bedazzling. Examples include
"You see that girls butt? She's dat WOO WOO"

"Man he's the coolest guy I know, he's the woo woo if I ever knew one."

"Dude I turbocharged my honda, now its the f'n WOO WOO"
by Yaklich December 09, 2005
cute name for girls genitalia
come here b, i wanna lick your woowoo
by Btdm April 28, 2005
This and that, so on, so fourth
You aint got the cars, the money and woo woo
by Pain wun January 13, 2003

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