stupid; retarded; illiterate; dead
Is she woo woo?
by ajaja892 August 10, 2008
another slang word for cocaine, blow, white girl, etc.
Aye let's go half on a sack of woo woo nigga
by YoungPlayah April 04, 2011
An adaptation, often used by residents of inner city culture, of the common phrase "etc...etc..." or "blah blah".
So you's be heading down to the corner in your low low with ya shawty when a bunch of bangas get up in ya face talkin' stuff...then ya knows stuff gunna happen woo woo, woo woo, wooty woo woody woo woo...then we went home. You know what I am saying?
by NVant January 12, 2010
Any vehicles that utilize sirens: ambulances, police cars, firetrucks etc.
How do you manage to get any work done here with all of those woowoos constantly going by?
by pentozali February 01, 2006
A blunt laced with cocaine.
That was a fat woo woo we just smoked.
by G Mob March 25, 2008
cute name for girls genitalia
come here b, i wanna lick your woowoo
by Btdm April 28, 2005
another name for your cooter.
A: "someone smells like fish"
B: "sorry its my woo woo"
by i<3hannah5391 March 15, 2007
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