a cigarette dipped in Embalming fluid. Embalming fluid is a compound of formaldehyde, methanol, ethanol and other solvents. The term to get "wet" is used on the streets because the cigarette is "dipped" in the fluid. Woo-woo comes from the sensation of being high, when you hear that sound in your head after smoking it.
As found in the rap "Dirty South" by the Goodie Mob:

"See powder gets you hyper, reefa makes you calm, Cigarettes give you cancer, woo woo's make you numb"
by sillyrabbit August 10, 2005
A stuffed animal that you have had since you were little. You named it that cause thats what you thought dogs were called. He has floppy ears that you like to rub with your pointer finger.
I cant go to sleep with out my Woo Woo.
by me966 October 04, 2011
A derisive word used by skepdicks to describe the solemn beliefs of various New-Age adherents. A term of hate speech on the SDMB as propounded by Peter Morris, the SDMB user not the Welsh baseball player.
My guess is that the woowoos posting in the MPSIMS greenzone will not be willing to enage this subject in a GD context, but here's hoping anyway.
by These are not the droids June 19, 2010
sound of whistles
the whistles go WOO WOO
by poiuytrewan December 22, 2008
another slang word for cocaine, blow, white girl, etc.
Aye let's go half on a sack of woo woo nigga
by YoungPlayah April 04, 2011
stupid; retarded; illiterate; dead
Is she woo woo?
by ajaja892 August 10, 2008
a form of specche used withen the black community used when telling a story.
i saw keisha and dem it waz like woo woo woo.
by 2pachick November 03, 2006

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