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Gullible people. People who believe any conspiracy theory with bad proof. Also used to refer to the religious, esp. Christian Apologists.
"What is that woo-woo talking about now!"
by Nick January 30, 2004
origin- derived from the 'woowoo' sound used in science fiction background music, particularly The X-Files.

noun- A conspiracy theorist who focuses their paranoia on 'Big Pharma' and modern medicine for hiding the cures for all major diseases, and the government for suppressing energy technologies, most of which are of alien origin. Often are also passionate about chemtrails and mind control

adj. The ideas espoused by a woowoo
I knew she was a woowoo as soon as she started talking about vaccines.
by tompaines ghost October 11, 2007
Woo-woo is a slang term used to describe those who believe in phenomena that lacks substantiated evidence to prove the claim of the phenomena. It can also refer to the explanations for the specific phenomena itself. It also describes the method a person uses to understand such phenomena, based on the subjective nature or their personal philosophy which can be neither proven nor disproven. In this sense, one could associate woo-woo with philosophy, religion, or any other branch of study concerning itself with knowledge that is open to interpretation or subjectivity.
Can you believe the woo nonsense that the woos are spouting out these days? Especially the woo-woo about ghosts! Everyone is believing in woo at the drop of a hat!
by lineartimer March 12, 2010
A cocktail composed of 25 ml vodka, 25 ml peach schnapps and 50 ml of cranberry juice. Served on the rocks in a highball glass. Can be served with a lime wedge as garnish, but only if aesthetic value is necessary. The perfect cocktail for getting wasted quickly, as the peach schnapps neutralises the bitterness of both the cranberry juice and the vodka, leaving an extremely smooth, cool and highly alcoholic beverage. Enjoy.
You want to get shit-faced fast with a decent tasting, highly alcoholic beverage? You drink a Woo Woo or three.
by Shit Happens, then You Wipe January 02, 2011
the female reproductive organ. see wanger for males
he almost touched my woo woo!
by elizabeth December 08, 2003
to escape ones lips in a moment of sheer exuberance - a bursting energy from inside needing to be verbalised instantaneously. Known to have cured cancer, Woo-woo is sometimes complemented with a small jump followed by a fist of victory raised high into the sky's.

Woo-woo is a way of life.

*please note: Woo-woo can be shortened – if one is unable to contend with verbalising previously mentioned bursting energies – to:

"Tonight's gonna be ruddy brilliant. Woo-woo!"

"Here, Cole, what do you make of this? Woo-woo!!"

"Err, eeh, argh -- A-woo!"
by Edwin Clifford October 17, 2007
A stuffed animal that you have had since you were little. You named it that cause thats what you thought dogs were called. He has floppy ears that you like to rub with your pointer finger.
I cant go to sleep with out my Woo Woo.
by me966 October 04, 2011