A person who is asian and loves food like a hungry beast. Also likes a person called Jazzy because she is laughing like mad. Mainly he is a cool guy who digs chicks. haha FUCKERS
so i was going down to grandview and i saw woo!
by jajibalgi May 04, 2010
The best quarterback on earth next to Tom Brady.
Damn Woo is a crazin azn.
by Nus August 09, 2004
freshest word for cocaine as of this moment
got woo?
by kill yourself please October 06, 2005
WoO is a fat Manc that is gay, aka "nickfag"
e.g. Nick "WoO" bidwell
by RaBB June 01, 2003
sound of plesure when given a anal blaster
john gives nicole a anal blaster, nicole screms out "w0o0o0o0"
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
a term for a guys penis
white girl---did u see bob's woo.its so small
black girl---i kno dats y i go wit lamota..kuz he's black dats y..an bob is white
by Brianna Robinson March 01, 2008
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