A annoying Asian guy who likes to threaten co-workers in passing while doing three times the work of a normal person.
The bastard said he'd stab me with an ice pick, and then finished a shitload of work. He's a total Woo.
by Chip123 April 02, 2007
To cheat, steal, or rip-off.
The shop owner was woo'd daily by a local group of punk kids.
by Shnar September 15, 2006
To gain somebodies attention in a rude or aggressive way.

Derived from West Midlands
Woo, Dickehad, yao listening?
by Dobber86 July 27, 2006
Half way to "woot". Similar to "whoopy" and "I don't care".
Messenger Conversation
Person A: "I'm back."
Person B: "Woo!" (meaning "so what?")
by Mark February 16, 2005
1) describes being very hyper and extremely fun to be around. being in a sugared up state of mind.
2) when exclamed, it is used as a word to express joy.

woo isnt an asian last name, that would be wu.
1) bob is so woo after he eats 3 bags of pixie sticks. i just love to be around him and hear all the funny stuff he says, due to his extremely hyper state.
2) im so happy i could shit, woo!
by hi im heather January 10, 2004
it is the result of poo and wee combined. Because One does not expell poo solely, the product in the toilet basin is often "woo".
"Hey man, I need to go to the toilet."
"number 1 or number 2?"
"Both man..I'm talking about woo"
by Shaun. August 19, 2003
a superb counter-strike player
omg, potti is like WoO!
by WoO May 29, 2003

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