A annoying Asian guy who likes to threaten co-workers in passing while doing three times the work of a normal person.
The bastard said he'd stab me with an ice pick, and then finished a shitload of work. He's a total Woo.
by Chip123 April 02, 2007
Girlfriend, girl crush, see also: Squeeze
"yo K, your woo is on the phone!"
by sbEr February 20, 2005
To take someone out on a date
Ross: I just want to woo her
Chandler: Or...you could take her back to the 19th Century when that word was last used!
by zutroy August 08, 2004
Someone who likes to creat a problem in hopes to make him look superior.
Mr. Woo. *knocks your hand when you are painting and then says that you can not draw
by DLL November 19, 2003
Cunt, that somehow manages to fire two awp shots in your skull, before you get the chance to pull out a USP, due to the immense time wasted in config tweaking
Fu WoO! You fucking hacking cunt.
by Makasaurus May 31, 2003
To be high or weird in the head.
god Caroline is all woo at night
by JoJo Jumaili December 26, 2008
A person who is a wimp in every way. Guys or girls who like to do bad things to other people because they hate themselves and like to take their self-hatred out on others.
He's such a woos because he beats on those who are weaker than himself.
by Baby Boi April 13, 2008

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