The act of having a wank and a poo at the same time, for maximum satisfaction!
He's been in there ages, i bet he's having a Woo!
by sludje August 03, 2010
Verb. To justify another word as to make it sound believable.
Jim wooed Fuffs so that it sounded real.
by Unknown June 21, 2004
1. Something used to add flavor to a expression.
2. A statement in general.
3. A key tool in either annoying teachers or making them gleeful.
1. "Hi. Woo!"
2. "Woo!"
3. "Woo!" "Stop that wooing!"
by Project Spam September 08, 2003
To have a wank whilst pooing
Wank + Poo = woo

W + oo = woo

TD really loves to woo!
by Dr Dray May 05, 2010
Wave of Ownage
When you think your pro but your actually just on the pro team which covers up your noobness
DotA Dark green thought he was a pro but he was just riding Pink's woo which makes him a woo rider
by Johno Chieh November 03, 2008
A sound black people make in in their neighborhood when police are near.
*A police car pulls down the street and a few black men on a porch notice*
"Woo.....Woo.....Woo...." *They call out to alert others the police is near*
by MajorMagics September 20, 2008
1. To yell in excitement about your last name. Verb
Comedian: We have any Chinese people in here?
Chineseman: WOO!!
Comedian: Look at him say his last name with such pride.
by Russell Petersss November 16, 2007
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