A sound made by black people when cops enter their neighborhood or area to let each other know to hide all illegal activity.
*A police officer enters a neighborhood to patrol*
-Black Man 1 says: Woo...Woo...Woo
*Black man 2 hears the noise in the distance*
-Blac Man 2 says: Woo...Woo...Woo...PoePoe commin, hide dat shit yo.
by Uwe Kruup September 26, 2008
slang term for Worcester, MA
Also wormtown.
Boulevard is the best diner in the woo.
by woorat August 30, 2003
1. John Woo, action film director.
2. A less enthusiastic version of "woot"
by Anonymous January 30, 2003
Used when in a state of depression, discomfort, or frustration.
"I didn't get the part, WOO!"
"She spread that nasty rumour about me, WOO, babe, not really, get a life!"
by moolins November 12, 2005
Fake crack rock made from soap and baking soda.
He sold me some woo, so I shot his ass at the motel.
by Jiggs September 21, 2004
sound i make when i see this girl thats so fine.
i see her walk by...

woo... ironic

i wish.
by pascaL July 24, 2004
Woo - to enter an IRC channel without bothering to say something coherent.
<nick> Woo!
by Magne December 15, 2003
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