A well rounded, hairy mythical creature often seen staggering around the pilbara region of Western Australia. Has the ability to consume his own body weight of fried rice and liquor in one sitting. A good mate to everyone especially when intoxicated.
Bouncer "I'm sorry sir but u have to leave the premises"
Woo "But I'm not even drunk"
Bouncer "I understand that but you're a Woo and we don't serve Woos' here"
by Dog balls May 13, 2013
to have a wee (to pee) and a poo at the same time.
Sarah went to the toilet and had a lovely woo.
by gabsta July 27, 2012
Pronounced Vus or Fus. Woos is a South African word used to describe pure all night wild partying. usually shouted out loud at the top of your voice repeatedly at raves,discos, clubs and any form of drunken fuelled mass gathering.

The term can also be used to a person who has passed out or smashed out of their face.
ah man,look at John partying on the dance floor, thats some crazy woosing right there.

Have a look at Morne lying on the pavement bru, that boy is woosed out.
by J_Hardy11 April 09, 2011
An acronym for "Waste Of Oxygen." A worthless person.
Dubya is a fuckin' woo.
by Rod Brock September 23, 2005
someone who is a wimp; afraid to do something that he should do
Our new wide receiver is a real woos.
by Dr. Ben Abraham May 19, 2003
1. What is done to Diana in hopes of her getting the hots for one.
2. The act of romantically pursuing one of incredible awesomeness.
Diana said, "You woo'ed me with your use of the word woo."
by Bonobo August 10, 2004
The act of having a wank and a poo at the same time, for maximum satisfaction!
He's been in there ages, i bet he's having a Woo!
by sludje August 03, 2010

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