Afraid, scared, fearful of something or someone.
When it came to picking up the dead rat, Mrs Kimble was a woos.
by Robert Paul December 10, 2002
When you do a wee and a poo at the same time, whether you are standing up or sitting down.
Guess what guys? I just did a woo but I was standing up so it went everywhere!
by fartwilly January 05, 2014
A word used to express exicitement or celebration.
Woo, we are going to the beach!
by oskarv September 09, 2007
noun: Female sex organ
My woo really hurts from too much sex.
by Sally Brown February 26, 2006
when your blunt is laced with crack its called a woo
He smoked a woo.
by Jacki March 22, 2003
A well rounded, hairy mythical creature often seen staggering around the pilbara region of Western Australia. Has the ability to consume his own body weight of fried rice and liquor in one sitting. A good mate to everyone especially when intoxicated.
Bouncer "I'm sorry sir but u have to leave the premises"
Woo "But I'm not even drunk"
Bouncer "I understand that but you're a Woo and we don't serve Woos' here"
by Dog balls May 13, 2013
a korean name for a guy. woo will usually be referred to by his white friends as "woohoo" or "wootang" because white people are dumb and racist. Woo usually buys lots of clothes online and has hella swag. woo will listen to hiphop and smoke lots of dank weed but he still gets A+ grades like all asians. Woo looks better with a snapback on. woo is an azn sensazn. kimchi all the way
white friend: "ur name is woo? haha ima call you woohoo."

woo: "i get that from every single white person. u assholes."

white friend 2: "WOOTANG BRUH, you look as ballin' as ur brah kim jeong il"

woo: "i do ittt"
by topofthedome June 18, 2011
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