A cigarette dipped in formaldehyde. Smoking a stick of woo causes the user to become very warm, creating a desire to strip away clothing.
Chris and Ryan smoked a stick of woo, then streaked through Borders bookstore.
#raid #bunk #wooo #campho #gold fleck
by Sluggo Skin October 26, 2006
to turn someone on/make you horny
"Does he woo you?"
by Nannerses & Sammykins August 26, 2003
A shortened version of WOO HOO! to show that you are excited
"WOO! I got an "A" on my math test! YEAH!"
#woo hoo! #excited #yeah #yee #yay
by Alaina vanderpaardt March 27, 2008
verb informal
Slang for using or smoking marijuana. Originated from the suburban culture of Ventura County, CA.

noun informal
Marijuana, or marijuana products.
Yo man whats up, you wanna chill and woos?

Yo big g, you wanna sling me some of that dank woos?
#marijuana #weed #smoke #dank #blaze
by Literatedegenerate January 03, 2008
Half of woohoo
Usually used to denote a slight bit of enjoyment, or accolade. Sometimes used sarcastically.
I just reached L20! Woo!
by .thieved April 21, 2003
crackhead; one that is addicted to hard drugs
she a woo.
my woo owe me some money.
I know my woo got his check today cuz it's the 1st.
#cluck #crackhead #doop fiend #fien #junky #base head
by Jshete' Clark April 28, 2008
Common misspelling of wuss (see also woose)

Weak person, usually male, with lack of moral courage.
Man, you're such a woos, you can't even spell wuss!
#wimp #pussy #woose #wuss #big girl's blouse
by Jonsy January 12, 2008
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