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A word created and used only by the embarassingly inferior of people, mainly heavy-set blonde chicks who'd like to think they're highly creative and original for using the word. Used appropriately, "wonderfuck" would referrence the mental state of any given individual who's recently experienced any heavy, typically negative, intrinsic or extrinsic experience. Despite rolling off the tongue nicely, you do not want to be caught dead in public saying this word. You'd just as well fart as noisily as possible and slap everyone in a ten-foot radius, as it'd have the same effect on people.
Girl: "Whoa, man. My cat just died, I was evicted from my apartment and the doctor told me earlier that I have tumors in my ovaries. What a wonderfuck."

Man: "Yeah, well you deserve it you damn cunt."
by Sam Havey April 14, 2006
It is when you have had sex with somebody way out of your league. Something that might not ever happen again, it is like the peak of your sex like; the one time you'll always remember.
1: I was wonder fucked by Megan Fox

2: Man 1: When was your Wonder Fuck?

Man 2: When I did my wife for the first time
by 9289515257 April 26, 2011
To be really annoyed; stressed; or upset and pretend you aren't. Usually said with sarcasm.
Best friend 1: Hey how are you?
Best friend 2: I'm wonderfuck how about you?
Best friend 1: why?
Best friend 2: My mom is cheating on my dad, and i failed my history test.
Best friend 1: that sucks dude. I'm pretty good.
by Emilinan November 05, 2008
Something that was beyond amazing. So spectacular that no previously invented word was capable of fully capturing the amazingness of what had just had happened.
I drank so much tequila I had sex with a married man. That night was a wonderfuck.
by Winnie_Faye April 10, 2011
An act of sex which does wonders for the individual concerned which go past sexual pleasure.
Michael had a one night wonderfuck and from then on he could concentrate on doing his dissertation instead of constantly masturbating over his S-Club 7 calender.
by pseudonymscredonym April 13, 2009
For when everything is just fucking wonderful.
Wonderfuck; my car burned down, I lost my house, and my job has an STD.
by -SVEN- February 14, 2013
Wonderfuck would be the exact opposite of clusterfuck. Whereas things could be chaotic and full of epic failure, things are actually pretty fantastic/a+/majestic.
Man: Hey how was your trip to Germany?
Man#2: Dude it was such a wonderfuck! I can't wait to go again.
Man: That's cool! I need to go with you next time.
by PapiRico January 07, 2013
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