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It's when a lesbian picks up a female (ho), rescues her from a traumatic event, and ejaculates into her back superman style, except she's also a female, and it sticks to her chest, so when she sleeps on her back, she wakes up and it sticks to her like wonder bra, hence wonder woman a ho!
My girlfriend definitely needed to wonder woman a ho last night.

Damn, that was great, I saw two chicks at a birthday party super womanning a ho!

You know, just gotta ironman a ho. (Making consensual sex so that the female feels like iron.)

Maybe you gotta batman begins a ho. (When the tutor consensually makes intercourses, but betrays the other, making that other feel the need to exact revenge, by an additional form of inter or outercourse.)

Naw, just silver surfer a ho. (when a person cums into the other's feet, and it sticks to the bed sheets, and giving the person the sense of flying abilities.)
by batmaster45 May 01, 2008
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