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One funnyass joke!
Wanna hear a joke? Women's rights!
by Womensrightsarefunny November 12, 2011
87 71
The basic concept that, because men and women are all humans, we deserve to be equal.
It is NOT the idea that women are better than men.
Asshole: Fucking feminazis think they're so much better than men.

Every women's rights activist ever: NOOOO!!! WE'RE EQUAL!! IS IT THAT FUCKING DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND?!!??!
by a femnist August 13, 2013
22 12
Women want equality, and yet they aren't participants of the U.S's selective service.
me: wanna hear a funny joke?
bob: sure man
me: women's rights. Hi-O!
by realistic bastard July 30, 2004
606 608
Women don't have rights.
Emily: Wanna here a joke?

Friend: Okay

Emily: Womens rights.
by Emily Putz April 15, 2011
47 55
Guy 1: "Women's rights"
Guy 2: ROFLOL!!!!!
by bwhahahahahahah12345678910 December 05, 2008
515 525
Technically were men and one are meant to be equals, but through political correctness women obtain a so called "gender card" which makes criticism impossible.
I was going to call the governor a bitch for raising taxes, but she'd say i was denying women's rights and being sexist
399 458
lol, just kidding, there's no such thing
Hey, wanna hear a joke
Women's rights.
ha good one
by QURT May 11, 2010
370 441