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Women have WHAT!!???
Example of lack of women rights:
Wife: Can we go out tonight?
Husband: Why are you talking? Make my food
by Benero April 28, 2009
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a. Only exist in popular culture--aka america!
women in other countries such as china,middle east,and southeast asia are viewed as second class citizen.
b. usually represented by the feminist movement, and supported by rich and powerful women such as hilary, martha stewart , and Oprah Winfrey-- who believe women should empower themselves to be better than men.
c. girl power !
d. these right includes-- the freedom to choose from a having a traditional family life to a career and a education. voting, no more sex discrimination at work places or at hiring, and have the same amount of chance to succeed as men.

women in america enjoy the freedom of the women rights.
by this is a joke ?! April 18, 2009
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