The basic concept that, because men and women are all humans, we deserve to be equal.
It is NOT the idea that women are better than men.
Asshole: Fucking feminazis think they're so much better than men.

Every women's rights activist ever: NOOOO!!! WE'RE EQUAL!! IS IT THAT FUCKING DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND?!!??!
by a femnist August 13, 2013
One funnyass joke!
Wanna hear a joke? Women's rights!
by Womensrightsarefunny November 12, 2011
Just like bullying, Women's Right is a joke. It never existed it was all a plan by the master shekel to make the women docile
Jew 1: How could we make women more docile?
Jew 2: Create a fake thing called "Women's right!
Jew 1: HAHAHA That's a funny joke
by MunchingHugeCock February 21, 2015
Women want equality, and yet they aren't participants of the U.S's selective service.
me: wanna hear a funny joke?
bob: sure man
me: women's rights. Hi-O!
by realistic bastard July 30, 2004
Women don't have rights.
Emily: Wanna here a joke?

Friend: Okay

Emily: Womens rights.
by Emily Putz April 15, 2011
Guy 1: "Women's rights"
Guy 2: ROFLOL!!!!!
by bwhahahahahahah12345678910 December 05, 2008
Technically were men and one are meant to be equals, but through political correctness women obtain a so called "gender card" which makes criticism impossible.
I was going to call the governor a bitch for raising taxes, but she'd say i was denying women's rights and being sexist

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