The wombo generally can be reconised by their starnge coloured hair. Wombo himself has green hair where as his sister wombat (commonly known as charmander)has red hair.
The wombat is very efficent at making sad and depressing mum jokes to which no one laughs.
The wombat always likes a good pat on the head because it makes him feel loved even though deep down he knows that no body likes him.
Wombats are relativly easy to pay out even with the simplist line such as "NO WOMBO". It is easy to tell when a wombat is enraged because there face starts going red, they become silent and start puffing up to their full size. After this it is likely that the wombo will attack you with the most unco fighting moves you have ever seen.
Student: Hey man have you done your home work?
Wombo: Your mums done her homework!!!
by AntiWombo November 09, 2005
Top Definition
a word I made up on SpongeBob, not sure what it means
I wombo,you wombo,he she me,wombo. The study of wombology.
by Patrick Star April 23, 2003
I wombo you wombo; The act of doing things
in a much larger and better way, or the correction of one's own mistakes. The study of this affliction is wombology. If taken to great extremes a person can get a wombolism and die. If somthing is not working right you can give it a touch of wombo.
While taking orders squidward gave his job a little extra wombo. The customers were happy but after some time ol' sqids personality couldn't handle the load and he died of a severe wombolism.
by J.D.U. May 16, 2005
A wombo, or word combination, is a combination on two or more words creating one succinct word that combines the meaning of its lesser parts. The mastery of the wombo is compounded by the fact that "the wombo" is actually a wombo itself.

A wombo can be used for all parts of speech as well as proper nouns. There are no set rules for the grammatical limits of the wombo, as different parts of speech can be used in combination effectively in wombo form. For example, the popular adverb / verb combination effectively shortens vernacular speech, while leaving meaning intact.

The wombo has also been used in the case of first and last name combinations for the sake of nicknames or general irritation of co-workers / spouses.
Several examples of popular Wombos:

Spork: spoon and fork
Ginormous: giant and enormous
Backne: back acne
Swalls: sweaty balls
Vurp: vomit burp (a burp that starts as a burp, but you throw up a little in your mouth as a result).
Shart: shit fart (the resulting skid mark as a result of your fart / poop lower intestinal warning system malfunctioning)
Woad: work load, as in: "I am so exhausted because my woad is way more than I can handle"
by SuperDietz August 13, 2007
A jiberish word of no particular meaning used in the following context by Patrick Star on Spongebob Squarepants: "I wombo, you wombo, he/she/it wombo..." If you set Mermaid Man's belt to "Wombo Mode" (by turning the "M" upsidedown to form a "W"), it will make things larger instead of smaller.
Once the belt was set in Wombo Mode, Spongebob was sure he could restore Squidward to his normal size.
by SL July 07, 2004
the opposite of Mermaid man's belt on Spongebob.
I wombo, you wombo, he, she, me wombos, the study of wombology. Its first grade spongebob
by 430SCUD599GtB May 04, 2010
The combination of two words to make one word that reflects the meaning of the two words together. The word wombo is itself a wombo.
Cooperative + Competition = Coopertition
Reversable + Belt = Reversabelt
Lunch + Dinner = Linner
Stay + Vacation = Staycation
Word Combo = Wombo

And there are many more....
by The Wombo September 04, 2009
The opposite of Shrink on a shrink ray shaped like a M
Did you set it to Wombo?
by Takashi October 10, 2003
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