well... thats kinda self explanitory
Hey man! did you see that woman with a mullet drive by", let's get a picture of it and send it in an email to every one i know.
by E. Diggidy October 27, 2002
Top Definition
Gives a whole new meaning to, "...Party in the rear."
When you cut your hair into a mullet, peopla say that you want, "business in the front and a party in the rear."
by Karl March 15, 2004
karl mellan
jesus! karl mellan has one fuckin mullet! do you feed that thing?
by shane March 23, 2004
That woman with a mullet is the most pathetic thing i have ever seen
by UISjackolope January 29, 2003
Robyn Fowler
Gee Robyn Fowler is a woman, well kinda is and she has a mullet
by Mr Swarve June 09, 2004
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