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Wolpers at Mizzou is perhaps the most refined place on campus. People from all walks of campus flock to wolpers for its superior internet connectivity, state of the art computer rooms, and friendly front desk staff. Wolpers is also the best place on campus to meet people. Take a date to Wolpers, sit on the beautiful staircases and discuss the meaning of life, or perhaps sit in the classy lounge and admire the oil painting of Mr. Wolpers himself. Wolpers is a mecca for college students, and now that is is CO-ED this year, all the ladies will be running it!!!!!!! Wolpers changes lives. Wolpers my antidrug. The secrets of Wolpers live on within it's residence. GO WOLPERSSSSSSSSSSSS! See also, Wolpers Hall theme song, Wolpers apparel, Wolpers slang, Mr. Wolpers
"What did you do last night man?"

"Kicked it at wolpers Hall . Best night of my entire life. "
"Yeaaah! Wolpers is legit."
#mr. wolpers #all i do is wolp #wolp #no matter what #wolpers hall theme song
by second floor October 03, 2011
The only male hall on the University of Missouri–Columbia campus (often called MIZZOU or MU). The most ballin place on campus.
"Yo man, I heard up in Wolpers hall they're having a fucking crazy party!!!!!!"
#mu #mizzou #columbia #college #residential #life #dormatories
by nizate August 28, 2007
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