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the whistle you do when a hot dude/girl walks by. usually considered rude.
Joe wolf whistled when Carrie walked by
by AcousticEmo December 31, 2008
A sound made with pursed lips in appreciation of superior beauty. It is in two parts; the first a rising note and the second a falling note. A wolf was a man on the hunt for women.
A chorus of wolf whistles emerged from the construction site as she walked by swinging her young, round hips.
by Eric Peterson July 07, 2005
A wolf whistle is a whistle used to show appriciation of looks. Usually, the person whistling is the oposite sex to the person they are whistling at.
i was skinny dipping at the beach when some surfies came passed and wolf whistled at me.
by guy-magnet August 15, 2007