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The scent of the smoke you get when an artillery cannon or mortar tube is fired.

This is the where the term ORIGINATED from.

Mmm, I love the smell of Wolf Pussy in the mornin'.
by Kristopher Tiberius Haven October 02, 2012
A big nasty vagina that will engulf, if not nearly engulf your whole head when you go down on a girl. Extremely wide pussy. Dialated 25 centimeters (for all you doctors out there).
Damn Don, after fisting that dumb bitch, I just wanted a blumpkin. I didn't think she would do a front hand spring and land on my head with her wolf pussy.

I mean, Donny boy, my head and shoulders were inside that nasty cunt. She almost swallowed me whole with her wolf pussy.
by Waufle April 09, 2008
extremly hairry vagina
I bet you that bitch twat look like she got Ben Wallace in a head lock.
by young preezy July 04, 2005
to have an abnormally hairy pussy!
damn bitch u got that big ol' wolf pussy. looks like we needa weedwacker
by caleb wissmiller January 08, 2007
A name for a frizzy haired night shift supervisor with big saggy titties and bowel problems and a face only a dog could love.
Wolfpussy's coming, I can hear the nipples dragging.
by krackpipers April 17, 2009
Some one so ugly and un put together
Girl! Do you see that? Straight up WOLF PUSSY!
by Kyle Aldridge May 25, 2013
A Death Metal Band consisting of 3 Members, all of which have no musical talent whatsoever. Their first debut album entitled "Holy Shit We're Hardcore" sold a whopping 7 albums worldwide. Their current tour,

My legs are open (to the world)

Is currently taking the US by storm, even with their rocky beginnings.

"That band Wolf Pussy is fabulous"
by WolfPussy November 19, 2007