Anything that appears to be weak or cowardly in nature, as it tends to attract predators such as wolves.
That wounded squirrel is wolf bait.
by wolven117 May 26, 2010
Top Definition
A. A term used to describe especially stinky feces, shit, crap, poop or turds.

Derived from the classic John Hughes movie Weird Science. is also derived from the attraction of dogs/wolves to smelling other dogs feces.
Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) to Wyatt (Ilan Mitchell Smith):"There are chicks outside, and you're in here dropping wolf-bait!"
by Mike Losquadro November 02, 2006
Someone who pretends to be pathetic or vulnerable in order to draw in predators, who in turn become the prey.
Nope, he's playing wolf bait. Don't mess with him.
by wolven117 May 26, 2010
Taking a crap; usually affiliated with a smell so bad that it scares people away from the bathroom
"Dude, why did you call me into the bathroom? There are girls outside wanting to hang out with us and you're dropping wolf bait!"
by Essex Grub May 27, 2005
A term for a girls vagina that is hanging beacause she has been extremely promiscuous
Damn that girl is rockin some serious wolf bait.
by Samsara27 October 29, 2015
a dump.
I dropped wolf bait at Ron's
by itchy corn April 15, 2003
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