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Wogtastic is something that is very Asian or at any rate "not white". It is used to describe something that is stupid and intrinsically cheesy and brash
(All done in a british accent (Brummy asians
Shuab: Pavan come look at my new wheels
Pavan: Holy shit theyre blingin matey but theyre too big for
the wheel arches arent they
shuab: Oh what the fuck - they were only 600 quid
pavan: 600 quid for this shit, but theyre just so wogtastic
shoulda saved you money and bought a laptop
baisically if something is amazing and related to black people or black culture
Leroy:"oh blad, i got sum rare coonpoon last nite"

Desmond:"sound, was it good coontang?"

Leroy:"ye mate, it was wogtastic"

Desmond:"lets go pop some chalkys"
by Levi Porter June 05, 2007
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