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Australian slang which is a mixture of the Australian slang of 'wog' and 'bogan'.

A 'wogan' is a wog that has migrated from Europe to Australia, assimilated so well that they have rejected the style and class usually identified with Europe and veered towards becoming a bogan. They have absolutely no fashion sense; a day out involves going to the Rugby League, drinking copious amountes of alcohol, being loud and obnoxious and spending time working on their hotted up cars listening to Jimmy Barnes.
Look at her, she is a disgrace to wogs. Her parents had so much class when they migrated to Australia but she has become a wogan.
by KGip March 15, 2008
To have a particularly visible hard-on at a particularly inappropriate time. Named after the broadcaster Terry Wogan, who was seen to be packing a bulging erection whilst presenting 'Points of View' on british national television.
'Bloody hell, I can't believe he's got a wogan at his mother's funeral!'
by Joe Law October 18, 2007
A unique breed found in Australia, the average Wogan is something of a hybrid between a bogan, a wog and a wigger.
Wogan is the term used for people, often of Greek, Italian or similar descent, who are obsessed with crappy cars and dress in brands like Adidas, Eminem, Holden or Fubu, often decked out in bling. One celebrity example of a Wogan is Ali G. Likely to be heard saying things such as 'Fully Sick Moite!!'
Person 1: Ugh, check out those guys in that blinged up Commodore over there.
Person 2: Yuck, what wogans.
by Trinkletty November 17, 2005
To have a manhood so large, both in girth and in length that it is incredibly visible through a mans trousers. Best displayed in tight fluorescent shorts for a flattering crotchal illusion.
"Did you see Father Jonathon walk past then?"
"Fuck me, he was packin a wogan"
by Jordan Brennan December 20, 2007
A cross between a wog and a bogan, hence "Wogan". A rough, aussified, uncultured ethnic person now native to Australia.
Bogan, wog, Aussie, Wogan
by Malasaires January 04, 2014
The piece of cloth that you place between a laptop keyboard and screen. Made popular by the 2006 generation of macbookpro's whose screen was infamous for being marked by the grease from the keyboard.
"where's my wogan!"

"it's there, in your laptop..."
by Loobydoo December 22, 2011
a slang term for cocaine
Buzz: got any wogan, mate?

Gav: let's chalk up another line of wogan!
by Dodders May 31, 2008
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