slang term meaning dick
So, you have a small wog.
by the dudenator March 18, 2009
a black man who is very unfortuante down there and has black elbows also steals your sunglasses and is very short
anthony condello a man from bunbury

wog ya doing
by Vaginia March 28, 2007
Slang for 'penis'
Bill: so how was Stacie last night?
Joe: great, but now my wog is all sore.
by john94xc March 19, 2009
People of Italian heritage. Love soccer and pretending to hurt themselves.
LOCATION: Can be found doing laps around your local shopping centre in their mumma's souped up BMW with milo tin mufflers.
WEAKNESS: Other soccer players.
Wog - "'T' is for 'Turbo'"
Normal Guy - "Yeah. And 'G' is for Give Australia back the World Cup!'"
by Unknown-Infinity August 25, 2006
In australia the racist anglo's call us(italians & a whole lota other people with olive brown skin) wogs they say it just as a straight racist thing.Alot ov foreigners refer to them selves as wogs cos most people are offended by it anymore. I am italian refer 2 urselfs as just latino's all latin people.
Latino Pride Paesani/e!!!!
Not wog that word suks
by lil paesan June 09, 2007
1. Verb. To Wog

Can be used in the place of pretty much anything


2. Adjetive. Wog

Something can be wogtastic, this means its AMAZING, or just something really fly that a black person might wear. Simmilar to "blackalicious".
1. Jimmy: "What you doing tonite?"
Chaz: "Ahhhh, just wogging bout i suppose"


2. Jimmy: "Nice new top mate"
Chaz: "Aint it, its baaaaare Wogtastic"
by Coombs June 01, 2007
1.(n) one who is or is ascociated with any of which who are or have to do with LE PETIT MONSTRE!!!!!

2.(v) to exert any amount of force upon the matter of any current or impending doom factors...?

3.(adj) one who is of or ascociated with MONSTRE!!!
1. assasin-we must dispatch those wogs who're guarding monstre!

2. T-rexatron- that ninja's copy jutsu tried to copy my wog magick, but it FAILED!!!

3. Turtle- Bauley you are so WOG!!!
Bauley- WAUUU!!!
by Cove Reber . July 10, 2008

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