Weird Old Guy

You see them everywhere, the men who just are plain weird and old.
"Hey, look at the wog over there."

"Don't turn around, but that wog is checking you out!"
"Eww, creepy!"
by smileyaili July 26, 2009
Mainly in the early 1900s used as an offencive term to describe Mediteranian people such as Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, Lebanese, Egyptians... etc. This term is has no assimilated into the Australian culture as either an insult coming from non "wogs" or a normal term coming from a wog.
(non wog): "I hate those bloody wogs."
(wog): "Wogs rule this city, bro watch your mouth"
by dtk ZiPPO 35 April 09, 2006
usualy someone from europe, either italian, greek, maltese, lebanese, german, and a few other places of europe. most wogs wear expensive clothing and can be loud and or very hairy..
quote: OMGGGGGGGGGGG bro check out that killla chick re
by fullymawogbro March 15, 2005
W.O.G. or Wog (Wife or Girlfriend)

The correct singular alternative to the plural noun WAGs (as opposed to WAG which is grammatically incorrect in most circumstances)
Person 1: Victoria Beckham is a WAG

Person 2: How can one person be a wife and girlfriend unless she is having an affair.

Person 1: So the correct term would be W.o.G.?

Person 2: Yes it would, i wish other people would realise this!
by STE STE STE STE STE June 02, 2007
Non-English person, especially if swarthy or darker. Most often used for (former) colonials.
"Wogs begin at Calais."
by octopod May 22, 2004
Description of Gold chain wearing garlic breathed Hairy Backed Goat cheeses porking derelicts
Barry Manilow Wog lookalike
by Kenny Rogers Big Brother July 02, 2009
Interchangeable with the word "monkey".
Applied to people who are not white, wherever they are.
However the other criteria for being a wog is that you are also not British, Canadian, from the USA, or Australian etc.
You pay peanuts, you get a wog !

Fucking wogs, look at them, they couldnt organise a democracy if they had eternity to do it in.
by Bwana of the Congo February 19, 2008
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