used to describe black people, based on the lil nigger on the back of robinsons jam jars called the gollywog.
turn the lights back on i cant see the wogs
by jimcharlton April 19, 2005
Worthy Oriental Gentleman
People from Middle East and European countries.
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
If you are in Liverpool, a wog is a black person, and italians are iy-tai's, whilst other dark skinned are paki's or wops.
by Gaz September 14, 2003
A person of ethnic minority. Usually black skinned. Nice and insulting!

Also Jungle Bunny, Spear Chucker, Coon, Nigger, Black bastard etc etc
Christ, did you see the news last night? They're letting even more wogs into the country!
by Mike December 10, 2003
a large amount of hair, usually scruffy and un-nutured. really thick and usually dandruffed underneath

this information was provided by a person with lots of hair and so knows all the info
chinko stu has a giant wog
by institona December 08, 2003
WOG was a term originally used as a derogatory term against Italians and Greeks in Australia. Although the term also encompassed Yugoslavs (incl. Serbians, Croatians, Slovenians, Bosnians, Slav-Macedonians etc. etc.) as well as Spaniards, Portuguese and other Eastern European ethnics such as Romanians and so on.

Although since the success of certain ethnic comedians the term wog has been propelled into meaning different things. Unfortunately, this term seems to also apply to shìt-kicking races such as the Lebanese (who are Arabs), Turks and other Arabs.

The problem stems from their inability to accept that they are not like Europeans. But they (the Arab-Turk group) attempt to identify with the better-looking and smarter races from Europe ... so they call themselves "wogs" to feel like they are part of the club.

However, their bad-odour, ogre-noses and cheap gold-chains give them away. Not to mention the excessive amounts of hair that both males and females of the subhuman races (Turk and Arab) have in the most obscure places.
Look at that fully sik wog, bro. I wish I was a European, bro. Lets pretend to be European and call ourselves wogs, bro. I like pretending to be French and all that. Chicks are dumb, they won't know that I'm Lebanese if I pretend to be French, bro. They're too dumb to know that the French were only in Lebanon for only two decades when the Arabs and Turks have been inbreeding in my old country for more than 1500 years. And that Lebanon did not even exist until 1946. And that it is a fake country just like Israel. I like it up the bum too, bro.

Sik. I think I'm a wog.
by TheEuropean July 05, 2005
A Wog is anyone of Middle eastern decent, But mostly the term is used to describe Turk's. You will find 90% of Australia's Turkish population is located in Broadmeadows which is infested with them. They can be found hanging out at the Broadmeadows Shopping Center or at the broadmeadows flat's (The Bronx) trying to score. Your typical Wog will be seen wearing Tight fluro T-Shirts and Grey track suit pants and driving their little hotted up car's. A young male Wog is also referred to as a Muzza! And female wog's are referred to as hanky heads. When talking to a Wog be overcautious as their incredibly violent and most don't speak any english.
Wog's are constantly going on about their religion and respect ."Im a muslim,Respect me"
#wog #wog's #turks #broadmeadows #lebo
by Mathew.collins February 15, 2008
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