The correct meaning of the word Wog in Australian culture defines people of Southern European decent. During the 1950s and 1960s many Wogs migrated from Southern Europe to Australia, predominantly to Melbourne and Sydney where the use of the word Wog was considered highly offensive. Over time, the use of the word Wog has become a term of endearment and other ethnic groups have adopted the term.

Southern European (true Wogs): Italian, Greek Maltese etc

The following ethnic groups today claim to be Wogs, but in reality can only claim the use by association:

Eastern Europeans: Croatians, Serbians, Bosnian, Polish etc
Northern Europeans: Germans, UK etc
Arabs: Lebanese, Turks etc

The use of the word Wog throughout other parts of the world varies from place to place.
1. That Wog opened a restaurant on Lygon Street.

2. You're not a Wog, you're not Southern European.

3. I was called a Wog when we first came to Australia. We got chased through Footscray and Sunshine by Skin Heads.

4. Bloody Wogs and their cars.

5. No daughter of mine will have anything to do with a Wog.

6. You love the Wog cock.
by Southern European March 15, 2012
A form of exercise that combines walking and jogging into one workout at a moderate pace. Often exaggerated as running or downplayed as walking.
it's time to go wog my dog.
by MeidaWin June 25, 2014
Contrary to the racial term, the verb "to wog" means "to bite the foreskin of ones penis." "Woggers" are people who wog, and they live in "Woggens".
Man, that wogger wogged the shit out of me last night, but he let me stay in his woggen last night, so it's cool.
by jaypayjr September 28, 2011
A wog is a import from europe, middle-east and asia. In melbourne there are mostly Italian, Greek, Turkish, Yugoslav, Lebo, Assyrian, Indian and Iraqi wogs. Old wogs from the 60's 70's and 80's used to be hairy and wore colourful suits with gold chained watches, rings and gold chained necklaces, spit while talking and had moustaches. New wogs wear trackies and tight jeans and are mostly like muzzas doing laps around Broadmeadows, Dallas, Glenroy, Fawkner, Roxburghpark, Meadowheights,Coburg, Coolaroo, Brunswick (All melbourne suburbs) in thier WRX, Skyline R33, Holden VT, V6, Vn, SS, Ford falcon EB, EA, EF, mitsubishi magna 2003 and listen to trance/RNB and wog music. Wogs hang out at broadmeadows, roxburgh park, campbellfield and oakpark maccas and the shopping centres there.

Words used by wogs-

Yalla- come on, used by arabs
Haydi- come on, used by turks
Lan & Uleh- mate
Re- means lan, used by greeks
Bro- brother, used by Turks and Lebos
Brah- same as bro
Cuz- cousin, mostly used by lebos & greeks
Fully Hectic- Awesome
Fully Sick- Cool
Wallah- I swear to god
Shot gun- Used by muzza wogs when travelling in a car or something
Taxed- It means stolen
e.g "Look bro I taxed this fully sick phone"
Vallah Billah- I swear to god, used by Turks
Yallah bounce- let go
Habibz- used by lebos
Lesh- disguisting, used by Turks
Sick cunt- Cool guy
Rofl- rolling on the floor laughing
Ripp this car- to drift
Owned- e.g "u got owned"
Wog 1- Ibi Im so bored bro, lets call our fawkner boiz and drift around sydney rd.
Wog 2- Nah cuz y dont we call da roxc boiz and meet up wif da chicks at roxc maccas and then we'll chuck 10 labs around somerton rd at 2am.
Wog 3- Omg cuz we just did like 10 laps around there already, Y dont we call da broady boys and do 8 laps around blair ST and barry Rd, then we shud crash at Jonny's place till 4 am and do a burn out infornt of Mustys house.
Wog 1- Ohh yeah maate, fullyhektic!!!
Wog 2- Orite boiz yalla bounce in the car!
Wog 3- Shotgun front seat!
Wog 2- Turn up the base habibz!!
by yoyowassup October 06, 2010
Wog is a mix of the words 'water' and 'jog'. You jog in a normal jogging position, but you go slow.

Variations of WOG:
Swog: Slow water jogging.
Fwog: Fast water jogging.
"Sorry, Annabella, I need to wog with my parents for the vacation."
by Anna Mahierta August 30, 2012
Wife Or Girlfriend
Singular of WAG (Wives And Girlfriends)

A female who is overpublicised, vacuous, anorexic,. Usually found lurking at football matches, easily distinguised by their orange skin tone and high body plastic index, ostensibly present for the purpose of pleasuring the England football team, but in reality with the intention of being photographed obtaining fashion advice from chief WOG Mrs. Beckham in the hope that this will lead to a future appearance on "celebrity love island".
Person 1: Look at that WAG !
Person 2: That's not a WAG, that's a WOG
Person 1: What's a WOG?
Person 2: A Wife OR Girlfriend
Person 1: Then what's a WAG???? ps I am a retard
Person 2: A WAG stands for Wives AND Girlfriends. A Singular person cannot be both a Wife and Girlfriend.
Person 1: So the singular of WAG is WOG right?
Person 2: Yes.
by Karl McLoven June 13, 2011
A wog is a term used to call a person who originates from Europe for example Italy, Macedonia, Greece etc.
Lebanese people are NOT wog.
Hey wog
by 3MMZ3D July 13, 2010
The combination of running with walking breaks in between
My run turned into a wog when I got tired
by smedium gal February 04, 2010

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