The correct meaning of the word Wog in Australian culture defines people of Southern European decent. During the 1950s and 1960s many Wogs migrated from Southern Europe to Australia, predominantly to Melbourne and Sydney where the use of the word Wog was considered highly offensive. Over time, the use of the word Wog has become a term of endearment and other ethnic groups have adopted the term.

Southern European (true Wogs): Italian, Greek Maltese etc

The following ethnic groups today claim to be Wogs, but in reality can only claim the use by association:

Eastern Europeans: Croatians, Serbians, Bosnian, Polish etc
Northern Europeans: Germans, UK etc
Arabs: Lebanese, Turks etc

The use of the word Wog throughout other parts of the world varies from place to place.
1. That Wog opened a restaurant on Lygon Street.

2. You're not a Wog, you're not Southern European.

3. I was called a Wog when we first came to Australia. We got chased through Footscray and Sunshine by Skin Heads.

4. Bloody Wogs and their cars.

5. No daughter of mine will have anything to do with a Wog.

6. You love the Wog cock.
by Southern European March 15, 2012
The name Australians give to people from Southern Europe e.g. Italy, Greece, Serbia.

Originally the word "wog" was used as an insult but has turned into a word of classification.

Wogs are easily picked out from a distance, males will wear tight white singles with gold bling and cruse around in yellow cars with loud house music playing. Females will usually have 10 layers of foundation on their faces with their hair either belched blond or black and high on their heads, sometimes up to 6 inches above their scalp.

Wogs often stick together and always get totally pissed off their faces on Australia Day. They usually travel in packs of about a dozen.

Wogs often dwell in "wog mansions," these are very large houses, made completely out of bricks and the design will be just a block, very square and very symmetrical. These wog mansions will take up the entire block of land it sits on and will often have a pool in the back yard.
"Yo ma bro, waz happenin?" said the wog

"Ay man, we iz just gonna cruse rond town in ma new yellow car, iz gotta fooli sique sound system" replied the other wog
by Aussie Ranga March 30, 2009
A derogatory term used to describe ethnic australians and immigrants or the second generations of these groups whose origins are usually european, but has later come to include Arabic originating people too who seem to have very similar personalities, interests, peculiarities, characteristics, behaviours and traditions including:

1. The overuse of haircare products.
2. Loud, obnoxious, abusive, arrogant.
3. Reject Australian values in favour of they're native country or the country of they're parents.
4. Affinity to soccer
5. Affinity to electronic music
6. Drive cars such as Holden commodores, Ford Falcons, WRX's etc. which have bodykits and custom paint jobs. (likely in many cases paid for with financing and loans.)

In short, the term is applied with common stereotypies in mind as much as the origin of the ethnic australian, it might be technically correct to term all europeans "Wogs" however without the common features it doesnt hold much water.
Actor/comedian Nick Giannopoulos is an example of a wog.
by Stevexcvd February 17, 2006
WOG- Western Oriental Gentleman....or as some people say WOGS- We Only Get Sexier

A wog is a term refering to Greeks, Turks, Italians, Lebs, Bogans, etc.

Wogs take pride in their nationality. They hang around McDonalds ("Maccaz"), Shopping centres, Train Stations in gangs (sometimes reaching upto 30 LOL)

Wogs use 'sick cunt' 'dumb bitch' 'motherfucka' 'bro' 'cuz' 'man' 'fuck' shit' 'fully sick' at least ONCE in a fucking sentence.

Argile, kebab, pizza, vodka, McDonalds, baklava, etc are the types of food and drinks wogs consume.

Wogs love their hair (and have awesome haircuts), their cousins, their cars (typically v8), their phones, playing soccer, etc.
Three wogs are in their fully sick car in the maccaz drive thru-
WOG 1: Ay bro hurry up and order, the chick doesnt have all day.
WOG 2: Cuz, its open 24/7
WOG 3: Lets pick up some sick bitches on the way.


Michael: Damn that wog is so sexy.
Dean: If I was you I wouldnt hit on her, her cousins will gang up on you.
Michael: =(
by SikdirLan August 14, 2009
the most biggest cock a man could ever want. this makes australians jealous. therefore they offend italians, greeks and other europeans for something they dont have.
italians and greeks (wog) 99.999999% have big dicks. where as australians dont. so they seem to be very jealous.
by jacobyy November 20, 2008
In Australia, the term 'WOG' is used towards people of Mediterranean ethnicity who reside in the main cities of Australia. It is used particularly towards the Greek, Italian, Spanish, SERBIAN Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian and Lebanese communities in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Canberra
by BELLA LOVES U April 10, 2013
A wog is a import from europe, middle-east and asia. In melbourne there are mostly Italian, Greek, Turkish, Yugoslav, Lebo, Assyrian, Indian and Iraqi wogs. Old wogs from the 60's 70's and 80's used to be hairy and wore colourful suits with gold chained watches, rings and gold chained necklaces, spit while talking and had moustaches. New wogs wear trackies and tight jeans and are mostly like muzzas doing laps around Broadmeadows, Dallas, Glenroy, Fawkner, Roxburghpark, Meadowheights,Coburg, Coolaroo, Brunswick (All melbourne suburbs) in thier WRX, Skyline R33, Holden VT, V6, Vn, SS, Ford falcon EB, EA, EF, mitsubishi magna 2003 and listen to trance/RNB and wog music. Wogs hang out at broadmeadows, roxburgh park, campbellfield and oakpark maccas and the shopping centres there.

Words used by wogs-

Yalla- come on, used by arabs
Haydi- come on, used by turks
Lan & Uleh- mate
Re- means lan, used by greeks
Bro- brother, used by Turks and Lebos
Brah- same as bro
Cuz- cousin, mostly used by lebos & greeks
Fully Hectic- Awesome
Fully Sick- Cool
Wallah- I swear to god
Shot gun- Used by muzza wogs when travelling in a car or something
Taxed- It means stolen
e.g "Look bro I taxed this fully sick phone"
Vallah Billah- I swear to god, used by Turks
Yallah bounce- let go
Habibz- used by lebos
Lesh- disguisting, used by Turks
Sick cunt- Cool guy
Rofl- rolling on the floor laughing
Ripp this car- to drift
Owned- e.g "u got owned"
Wog 1- Ibi Im so bored bro, lets call our fawkner boiz and drift around sydney rd.
Wog 2- Nah cuz y dont we call da roxc boiz and meet up wif da chicks at roxc maccas and then we'll chuck 10 labs around somerton rd at 2am.
Wog 3- Omg cuz we just did like 10 laps around there already, Y dont we call da broady boys and do 8 laps around blair ST and barry Rd, then we shud crash at Jonny's place till 4 am and do a burn out infornt of Mustys house.
Wog 1- Ohh yeah maate, fullyhektic!!!
Wog 2- Orite boiz yalla bounce in the car!
Wog 3- Shotgun front seat!
Wog 2- Turn up the base habibz!!
by yoyowassup October 06, 2010
Whore of the Group. The leader slut of the gang of girls.
Mayock: "Dude check out Cindy and her friends. "
Bill: "Yea. She is the WoG"
by countryblumpkin August 16, 2014
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