Races where the majority phenotype is brown to black hair, brown eyes, and light skin (in a world's perspective, not just European)...known for keeping strong to ethnic traditions, their native language
Greeks, Italians, Maltese, Portuguese, Spaniards, Turks, Lebanese, Croatians, Serbians, Bosnians, Albanians, FYROMs (Macedonians)....debatable on whether all Eastern Europeans, Provencal French, Armenians, some Arabs are wogs.

Nordic, African, or East Asian countries are not ever thought of as wogs in Australian terminology.
by Dan August 29, 2003
US military term; short for pollywog (tadpole), or a rookie.

Refering to US Navy enlistee or officer who has never been aboardship as it has crossed the equator. A ceremony (akin to a hazing) takes place where the captain of the ship relinquishes command to "King Poseidan" (Neptune) and the wogs undergo ritualistic torment (usually garbage and food dumped on them) and emerge on the otherside of the equator as Shellbacks... and now seasoned Navy men.
I was a wog for the first six months of my tour until we sailed of Perth and I gained my shellback.
an acronym commonly used to describe the tissues, towel, paper or socks used for the "wiping of the genitals" after sex.
after sex, she asks "please pass me some WOG"

he says: "wow, you're really gonna need WOG this time"
by jackak January 23, 2011
WOG initially stood for Western Oriental Gentlemen, but throughout the years they have become a 'race' in Australia, consisting of people of Greek, Lebanese, Macedonian, etc. background. They like to wear Nike Dri Fit caps, Henleys, Adidas bum bags, Nike TNs, Lonsdale and a many more brands.
Many Australian's dislike wogs for their disruptive and violent behaviour, they like to think they are strong because they fight in gangs and will never fight anyone unless there are more of them then their opponents. They are also too poor to afford iPods so they have to crank up their music through their Nokias while strutting around like tough shits. Most Wogs root for the Bulldogs and think that they have to fight hard to live in this country(which is not true), they also speak with weird accents which are really annoying and use Arabic mixed with English, I.E - You're a fucking sick cunt cuz wallah!'

(Note: A lot of these statements are facts and some are also self opinionated)
Aussie 1: Hey look man! There's some wogs outside trying to start a fight with Dazza!
Aussie 2: Haha! Look at em, they're getting beat up.
Wog 1: SHIT BRUH!Look at tha Aussie let's bash him!
Wog 2: Call the cusins Moey!
Wog 3: I can't cuzz there's no signal! LETS MAKE A BREAK FOR IT CUZ! Cuz I'm really fast cos i got TNs bruh!
-wogs get beat up by the Aussies-

Aussie 1: Hah! Look at em. Can't even fight without their cusins!
Aussie 2: Yeah, and there were 3 of em too.
by aussiepridez000 March 09, 2011
The thing I cannot comprehend is why 'Wogs' (Southern European Christians) aline with Arab Muslims for the sack of a derogatory word...in England the term 'wog' is directed at Blacks.

These Europeans are race traitors who seem to have forgotten our past, or are unaware of it! Europeans have had many hostilities towards Arabs, and Islam throughout the Centuries.

Tho our people resisted and combined forces thus the Crusades emerged, fighting Islam back out of Europe.

Europeans are very culturally different too any other ethnicities, vice versa..just because you live in the same suburbs or are called a same derogatory term, does not make you any closer relations to these people, your ancestors would be turning in their graves.

Long live Europa!!
Person 1: Look at that wog!
Person 2: who the arab or the greek?
Person 1: were all the same cuzzy
by Tony koelt February 12, 2011
Weird Old Guy

You see them everywhere, the men who just are plain weird and old.
"Hey, look at the wog over there."

"Don't turn around, but that wog is checking you out!"
"Eww, creepy!"
by smileyaili July 26, 2009
Mainly in the early 1900s used as an offencive term to describe Mediteranian people such as Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, Lebanese, Egyptians... etc. This term is has no assimilated into the Australian culture as either an insult coming from non "wogs" or a normal term coming from a wog.
(non wog): "I hate those bloody wogs."
(wog): "Wogs rule this city, bro watch your mouth"
by dtk ZiPPO 35 April 09, 2006
usualy someone from europe, either italian, greek, maltese, lebanese, german, and a few other places of europe. most wogs wear expensive clothing and can be loud and or very hairy..
quote: OMGGGGGGGGGGG bro check out that killla chick re
by fullymawogbro March 15, 2005

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