Races where the majority phenotype is brown to black hair, brown eyes, and light skin (in a world's perspective, not just European)...known for keeping strong to ethnic traditions, their native language
Greeks, Italians, Maltese, Portuguese, Spaniards, Turks, Lebanese, Croatians, Serbians, Bosnians, Albanians, FYROMs (Macedonians)....debatable on whether all Eastern Europeans, Provencal French, Armenians, some Arabs are wogs.

Nordic, African, or East Asian countries are not ever thought of as wogs in Australian terminology.
by Dan August 29, 2003
A rather amusing austrailian phrase for Italians, Greeks, Maltese etc
bloody wogs
by bigmeuprudeboy November 28, 2003
A wog is some one who originates from GREECE/italy/lebanon or most countries around the mediterranean sea. Greeks who had migrated to australia around the 1950s were known as wogs to australians. These days greeks and other ethnic nationalities are very common in most large cities in australia, mainly sydney and melbourne. they usually have dark features, brown eyes and dark brown hair and tend to be hairy. Most wogs dress in nothing but nike and addidas from the hat to the shoes. they tend to wear jewelry not any thing but gold jewelry. Thier hair cuts consist of a 2 / 3 down the sides and leave the back to grow. Most wogs take pride in thier cars, normally drive a VL, r33 and beamers. to this day there is alot of wanna be wogs who are obviously not ethnic. If your not a wog please dont try to be. Today there are racial problems between aussies and lebanese, this has almost put a bad name on all wogs. To all non wogs, dont hate us cause you aint us and to all wogs treat every one else with respect, stop acting like others owe you some thing.
"Hey Ollie, check out them wogs across the street, they have pretty cool cars and mad haircuts ay"

"Yea I know Dennis, Im gunna go get a haircut like that tomorrow"
by Urban Dictionary November 08, 2007
italians and greeks maltese. not try hard middle easterns making europeans look bad. they have no where near the same class or culture.
italian are wog chich
by don chich March 17, 2008
British term of derision about Orientals particularly Indians. It means "Westernized Oriental Gentlemen". This
is not a complimentary term but word of derision used to be used greatly during 1950 and 1960. Less used now.
"The WOGS are taking over British culture"
by Relentless 1112000 April 06, 2008
The correct meaning of the word Wog in Australian culture defines people of Southern European decent. During the 1950s and 1960s many Wogs migrated from Southern Europe to Australia, predominantly to Melbourne and Sydney where the use of the word Wog was considered highly offensive. Over time, the use of the word Wog has become a term of endearment and other ethnic groups have adopted the term.

Southern European (true Wogs): Italian, Greek Maltese etc

The following ethnic groups today claim to be Wogs, but in reality can only claim the use by association:

Eastern Europeans: Croatians, Serbians, Bosnian, Polish etc
Northern Europeans: Germans, UK etc
Arabs: Lebanese, Turks etc

The use of the word Wog throughout other parts of the world varies from place to place.
1. That Wog opened a restaurant on Lygon Street.

2. You're not a Wog, you're not Southern European.

3. I was called a Wog when we first came to Australia. We got chased through Footscray and Sunshine by Skin Heads.

4. Bloody Wogs and their cars.

5. No daughter of mine will have anything to do with a Wog.

6. You love the Wog cock.
by Southern European March 15, 2012
n. Taken from the degratory term used to describe people of the earth by Scientology, and turned into a positive descriptor, a wog is a person who denounces the brainwashing of cults, corporations, advertisement and propaganda and chose to think for him- (or her-) self and live in reality.
Being a self-contained individual, the wog is a kind of modern day Ronin], that answers only to himself, seeks the truth, spreads knowledge and generally try to improve on both himself and the world in general.
denounces the brainwashing of cults, corporations, advertisement and propaganda and chose to think for him- (or her-) self and live in reality.
by rage.in.a.cage. August 08, 2005
Originally British usage was only meant when describing any dark skinned person either of African or Indo-Asian descent. It was more along the lines of the "negro" and such. THe modern Australian usage differs considerably as to include the Meditteranean races, including the non-European Turkish, Lebanese and Israeli Jews.
Wogs are peculiar to the Land of Oz alone.
by Destouches November 29, 2004

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