A person with a eastern European background or herritage. In australia they are mostly found in the larger cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.
Sydney has a majority of Lebonese wogs, Melbourne has more Greeks and Perth is known to have a large Croatian population. Usually dress in expensive clothes and mafia wogs are often found wearing suits. mostly drive souped up cars like skylines and wrx's usually with a stolen sound system.
The wogs are over there with their FULLY SICK Skyline.
by Beastman March 08, 2005
Top Definition
{ /wäg/ (n.) offensive slang. 1925-30, from 'Golliwogg': a 19th century blackface doll; or alternately, an acronym of '(W)orthy (O)riental (G)entleman' }

British English:

1. *racist* a black African or dark-skinned South Asian (usually Indian or Pakistani)

2. *Anglocentric* a non-Briton or non-Englishman: "The wogs start at Calais" (across the English Channel in France) -- British proverb

Australian English:

1. a non-Anglo-Celtic European, esp. from Southern or Eastern Europe (e.g. Greek, Italian, Balkan, Slavic, etc.)

2. an Asian, esp. a West Asian (e.g. Lebanese, Turkish, Armenian, Iranian, etc.), but now also inclusive of South Asians and Pacific Islanders

Antonym: skip

USAGE: Until 1973 Australia had a white-only immigration policy, so the term used mainly as a racial slur in Britain was applied to ethnic European immigrants of the post-WWII "populate or perish" era. By now it has greatly lost its sting, and many ethnic Australians have reclaimed it as a jocular term, with some cleverly riffing on it (e.g. 'clog wog' for a Dutchman, 'frog wog' for a Frenchman). Since the 70s, the wog label has been extended to include newer immigrants arriving from the Middle East and other parts of Asia, and many have come to identify strongly with it, facing resistance from more assimilated European wogs who harbor racist and anti-Muslim attitudes. The term is almost completely unknown in the United States and Canada, but in Britain it remains extremely offensive, somewhat akin to 'nigger'.
by Infomaniac January 09, 2006
Contrary to popular belief, this did not start off as a racist pejorative, but was an acronym dating from the British Raj in India used to Identify Indians working for the Government. The acronym stood for Working On Government Service and those who were employed in that role wore an armbands with the acronym WOGS written on it.

Now, however, the original meaning has now largely been forgotten and the four commonest uses of the word "wogs" are as follows:
1. A pejorative noun for people who are non-white or of mixed race;
2. A noun used by certain xenophobic British people to describe anyone who is not British e.g. "Wogs begin at Calais.";
3. A noun used by narrow-minded, londoncemtric fuckwits to describe anyone who does not live in London;
4. A verb meaning to steal, "He wogs sandwiches off his mates." means he steals sandwiches from his friends, and unpleasant racist inference that all non-white people are thieves;
"That heale Malcolm's become so londoncentric since he moved there he's actually referring to people living outside it as wogs!"
by AKACroatalin April 15, 2015
Races where the majority phenotype is brown to black hair, brown eyes, and light skin (in a world's perspective, not just European)...known for keeping strong to ethnic traditions, their native language
Greeks, Italians, Maltese, Portuguese, Spaniards, Turks, Lebanese, Croatians, Serbians, Bosnians, Albanians, FYROMs (Macedonians)....debatable on whether all Eastern Europeans, Provencal French, Armenians, some Arabs are wogs.

Nordic, African, or East Asian countries are not ever thought of as wogs in Australian terminology.
by Dan August 29, 2003
A term used in Australian English to describe people of Mediterranean ancestry. Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Serbians, Croats, Albanians, Lebanese, Turks and Armenians are all considered Wogs. Basically, anyone with an olive complexion that you could picture with a gold chain buried in a patch of black chest hair.
Gino, Antonio, Sarkis and Kosta are all Wogs even though they speak different languages.
by Mplad June 07, 2007
People from European or Middle Eastern background, usually closer to asia. Such as Italy, Greece, Lebanon and Turkey etc. Only drive done up cars or Skyliners, subarus or monaros, with PHAT soundsystems with subwoofers, with neon lights. Always wear clothes bought from Footlocker or InSport. Their Faviroute brand usually is champion and nike. Usually wear big puffy jackets and heaps of gold chains. Their haircut consists of the top long and all the sides and back shaven. Most used terms : FULLLY SICK MATE. OH MY GOD BRO! Their diets consist of Kebabs, pizza and cheap food. They secretly ador their mothers. On average a WOG carries 4.5 fones on them.
Habib: Aaaahh bro, i gott call hamadri, hes gotta check out this fully sick soundsystem i put in my HSV. Check this. It make My kebab jump like the hydrolics hamadri has.

Mostafa: OH MY GOD BRO!

Leb3: SICK

Mostafa: FULLY
by tendulkar December 02, 2004
A rather amusing austrailian phrase for Italians, Greeks, Maltese etc
bloody wogs
by bigmeuprudeboy November 28, 2003
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