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Regional Australian slang
for soccer.

Wog being an offensive term for a either a dark skinned foreigner or an Italian.
Yanks are no good at wogball.
by Luke D Lorenz January 19, 2004
Aussie slang for "soccer", as the term football in Australia exclusively refers to AFL (Australian Rules Football).

Soccer is typically only taken seriously in Australia by those of wog/ethnic background (who are mainly of European extraction, where soccer is a national religion for many countries), as Aussies consider it unmasculine and "boring". Hence the term "wogball".
"Oi let's play some soccer guys?"
"You mean wogball? Hell no."

"Hey bro get those skips over there to come play."
"Skips don't play wogball bro."
Australian term for soccer. Can be used in compassionate terms or as an insult.
Dude, you cant tackle in wogball, whats the god damn point?
by jbsmith June 09, 2006
a rugby league game played with a soccer ball and kicked into a soccer net to score
we havnt got a footy!
Dont worry we'll just play wog ball
by Not_a_wog July 08, 2006
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