The most amazing pokemon ever, also can mean sick as in cool. An idiot sevant
That kid is wobbuffet, did you see what he just did?
by Mausolff May 25, 2008
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The best pokeman
by Aa April 03, 2003
Perhaps the funniest Pokemon of the anime, always randomly popping out of nowhere, even when Team Rocket finish their motto. Jessie somehow accidentally had her Lickitung traded for it.
Team Rocket's blasting off again! Wobbuffet!
by The One and Only Leprechaun July 16, 2006
Wobbuffet is a blue blobby psychic amorphous Poke'mon owned by Rocket-Dan member Musashi; who acquired it accidentally after bumping into a kid who owned it; she picked the wrong pokeball and he took hers. (why the hell don't they put names on their pokeballs).
Wobbuffet are strong but not very talented, only can learn Counter, Mirror coat, destiny bond, and safeguard. They evolve from Wynaut at level 15.
"Wobbuffet, counter attack!"
Wobuffet: "Wooooooobuffettt!"
by Wobbuffet Breeder June 22, 2003
1. n. "wOb-uh-fhet" sing. & pl.: A hairless, blue pokemon found in the wild. Has two long bendable arms that hang and protrude from the sides of his head and a black tail with two eyes. Normally, wobbuffet retreats in dark areas to keep its' tail hidden from illumination derived from a source of light.

2. n. singular: A blue blobby pokemon who strives to appease its' owner by acts of selflessness yet always results in an unintended fiasco.
"Wobbuffet, you lost the badges!?!? You were supposed to guard them not pick friggin' cherries!"
by nitrohelix1985 August 09, 2003
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