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Beer, Alcoholic Drink, whatever crap you find feisable to get you smashed.
"Oi, your mate just spewed on me!"
"ah sorry, he's had 1 too many wobbly pops"
by Johnny T. Raviolli October 16, 2005
59 14
any beverage that contains alcohol, for the purpose of human consumption, and is refered to by a person from Newfoundland.
If I had 2 more wobbly pops I would have shagged your sister.
by Johnny Camaro February 14, 2004
57 16
I'm not feeling too well right now cause I had way too many wobbly pops last night.
by whoCares October 27, 2003
38 13
a term used for an alcoholic beverage. usually beer
"lets go Chill At my crib homeboy and knock back a few wobbly pops"
by BenjamminAKAFrank September 04, 2007
16 4
Beer, malt liquor beverage shared amongst friends
After the game Kwame shared a few wobbly pops with his team mates
by Brock April 20, 2004
29 20
Another name for any kind of alcoholic beverage.
We went to the bar and had way too many wobblypops
by Son_of_LB May 22, 2005
7 3
Another name for a beer, used frequently by "The Champ", a great misunderstanding comedian.
"I went to the bar and had a couple of wobblypops, then staggered out drunk."
by Mykel February 16, 2005
4 1