Having a condition that severely impairs your body movement and/or speech functions to a degree that would cause you to be mistaken for a developmentally challenged person, but without actually impairing your mental faculties.
The comedian Francesca Martinez has cerebral palsy, but she prefers to call it 'being a bit wobbly'.

My grandfather had a stroke. His brain is fine but now he's gone wobbly.
by Jezza1001 June 20, 2013
Beers (plural). Origin of the word comes from the state one is in after consuming too many beers: wobbly.
Gonna have a few wobblies tonight mate?
Term to describe female breasts, usually unhampered by any support mechanism such as a bra.
Jeez, love, you have a very nice set of wobblies.
by drPhilGandini2 January 18, 2011
An old Volkswagen Beetle. Not the new pansy model.
The engine on my Wobbly blew up yesterday.
by CRU57Y August 26, 2009
A Word often used to describe a person acting dumb or stupid aroung other people and makes a complete fool of himself when they make a lame comment that makes them look very blonde and/or stupid!
1. why is he acting so stupid it's just like a Wobbly

2. He's been acting like a Wobbly since he was Dropped on his head!
by babyy434mamm21a May 12, 2009
awesome or cool similiar to the words dirty or dangle
tom did a 360 dunk and bill exclaimed that was "frickin wobbly"
by wobbles1225 March 19, 2008
One who is loose in the panties. One who can't keep their legs shut. *SEL*
Good lord that girl sure is wobbly.
by Zenon April 01, 2003

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