When your penis is in an intermediary state between erection and no erection.
This morning I didn't wake up with my usual morning wood, but with a wobbler. He was jumping all over the place when I got out of bed.
by SeM May 11, 2004
A person exhibiting the effects of extreme intoxication.
Look at that guy at the end of the bar, he's a wobbler.
by x January 22, 2003
1: The bleached rectal area of the North American gay male.

2: An erection whose quality is adversely effected by the ingestion of alcohol.
1. In preparation for his date, Lance bent over and checked his wobbler in the mirror.

2: Unfortunately for Susan, a long night at the bar had given Bernard a wobbler.
Just stuff. Great stuff. Almost more that you'll ever be able to grasp.
mmhmm... lesse... www.wobbler.nu.... yah, teh l337 is it.
by wobbler May 12, 2003
coming from the latin word of wobble, to wobble, to be a fat, clonkerer
" yeh, fuck off you big wobbler " " or " ahhh wobbler! buisness card wobbler? "
by Darbyshire & Walker April 01, 2007
British term for the human penis.
Blimey, Nev has a ginormous wobbler!
by Elif and Heather February 17, 2004

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