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When your penis is in an intermediary state between erection and no erection.
This morning I didn't wake up with my usual morning wood, but with a wobbler. He was jumping all over the place when I got out of bed.
by SeM May 11, 2004
13 25
another word for tantrum
"all i did was call him a gimp and he threw a wobbler, how pathetic!"
by WOM July 27, 2006
65 17
Big bouncy boobs walking down the street.
Craig 'wow that birds got big wobblers, imagine those in your face'
by AGnumbnuts November 08, 2011
31 8
One who enjoys listening to Dubstep/Filthstep.
Ever since dubstep blew my sub-woofer and raped my ears, I've been a wobbler.
by iCantstop June 14, 2011
10 12
When you just go mental at someone or something.
"If that gay touches me again im going to throw a class 6 wobbler."
by Tricko June 03, 2006
26 30
n. Anyone who has grown too old and infirm to continue at his trade or sport.

Check out the wobbler playing hockey.

Can't read the writing on the wall.

Or anything else without his bifocals.
by gnostic 1 September 19, 2013
0 5
Wobbler is cobbler with weed baked into it (weed+cobbler = wobbler), much like "special brownies", but fruitier and more delicious depending on your dessert preference.
Stoner 1: "Hey, man, you want to come over? Stacey's making cobbler! With weed!"
Stoner 2: "Oh, you mean wobbler? Fuck yeah! I'm there!"
by Wobblah June 26, 2010
5 12