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1. To make up your own congratulatory phraseology in defiance of the status quo, and fall on your arse in doing so.

2. Of message boards; to sound like an idiot by not observing proper ettiquette.
'woah nelly that's a good pic!'
'you idiot...'
by hudders July 10, 2005
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This was not started by someone named "Cashy" but a phrase uttered by annoucner Dick Lane. His "Whoooooaaa Nellie!" was said when something bad happened during a sporting event.
"Woah Nelly what a right hook!"
by steel_here July 04, 2009
Great shock/admiration.

A word transformed from the internet, now all the cool people in the world say this.
You nearly crash your car:

"woah nelly that was close!"

You see the most awesome thing you have ever seen:

"woah nelly!"
by wooyaynomore July 10, 2005
A shoddy attempt at a replacement for 'Woo Yay', started by Cashy (thanks Cashy you shit), and now only used by 2 people, after other users saw the error of their ways, and reverted back to using 'Woo Yay'.
Cashy/nwb- "Great pic, Woah Nelly!"
by b3tan July 10, 2005
A bad alternative to "woo yay", used to say that something is clever or funny.
Some would say this gets a woah nelly, but really it gets a woo yay.
by ship July 10, 2005
Used in many sentences, used by the greastest intellects of our world.

Meaning: "goodness!"
"look at that guy. he has his jock-strap pulled waaay over his head"
"woah nelly!"
by emily November 23, 2003

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