A whiff of ass. Something you smell when approching someone who stinks
She turned over and there was a WOA
by Dr. Ophhelia Cummings March 31, 2006
Top Definition
when extremely surprised for no reason...also can be used in sarcastic way...or its just like "woa" u cant explain.woah
woa...thats amazing...i dont kno how to do that...teach me!?
by mia December 22, 2003
"West Of Adelaide"

Reference to area in London, Ontario. Opposite of the exaggerated "EOA" (East Of Adelaide") which many people talk about like it's 8 mile.
Hey man, looks like we're finally WOA.

Thank god. Now I can un-clench my asshole.
by Wakey46 January 15, 2011
Wide on alert

When a female becomes particularly aroused by something/someone pleasing to the eye. It is the equivalent of the male hard-on.
Jess: Did you see that guy?!? Phwoarrr...

Laura: Yeh sure did, major woa!
by Leccles November 01, 2011
something so surprising u cant explain...can also be used in a sarcastic way...or easily or quickly shocked
oh my fucking gosh!!woa...r u serious? woa woa woa woa woa
by momma mia December 22, 2003
Wall of ass.Like when you walk into a room full of farts from old guys and dogs and such.
Man i got in my grandma's car today and it was like w.o.a.!
by shabazz14 January 14, 2009
The appreviation for Whiff Of Ass. Pronounced like "Woah."
You are in the healthcare field, and you walk into a patients room and it smells like shit. You say "WOA" as supposed to saying anything else that may come to mind!

When you are telling someone else in the healthcare field about it, you can say "I walked in that room, and there was "WOA."
by Healthcare Professional April 13, 2006

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