a hot chick that is so repeled by men (lesbian) you take the man out of woman because she is never around them. pronounced woe.
Joe "woh dude that chick at that college house was HOT"
Bob "dude she was but she was a wo, you'll never get one, no one ever has I know of"
by hoosierfan4evr5 November 06, 2007
1. Random, pointless bitching that no one else in their right minds would care about, whether it be actual angst or "in character" while roleplaying.

2. A suitable response to said random pointless bitching, usually in a sarcastic tone and followed by the "D:" emoticon.
A: Oh noes!111!1 My third $5,000 handbag got stained!1! This random guy who was never actually my boyfriend cheated on me!11! You all hate me!
A: *slits wrists*
by Case November 24, 2005
wo= a term that used to exclude extensive details conversation that usually involves a third party who is not at present.
The only thing i can remember hearing was alot of wo wo about nothing . but i said," that nothing was that serious.
by tony March 17, 2005
slow down, chill out, relax, settle down, hold up, wait, what?
Boy: "this is getting really old, im about to flip out"

Girl: "wo... wo..chill out, no need for that"
by thatonechickeveryonedigs August 02, 2011
Short for was. Easier to pronounce in conversation, but harder to follow.
I wo gonna go up town, but they dint wanna come out.
by Maymi Weiner August 28, 2008
another way to say "you the man!!' but for a women, get it, you the wo...man...
thanks for the cake baby, you the wo!!
by messy ma January 30, 2008
wo, as in what is added to a man's description to form what is known as a WOman, the greater of the sexes.
Yo, look at that phat woman!
by Rach April 18, 2005

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