acronym for Wal-Mart Football League
You hear about Elyse? I think she's getting kicked out of the WMFL
by D April 02, 2005
Top Definition
Wing man for life
WMFL was used in the office episode 508
by King Singh December 11, 2008
Wing Man For Life

Just like any other wing man, except...for life.
A: Thanks for trying to hook me up last night.
B: No prob. I'm your WMFL.

(via The Office Season 5 episode 8 "Business Trip")
by henrwhy November 18, 2008
Wing Man For Life.

WMFL is a pact between two men to remain wing men forever (for life), thus increasing the the amount booty they are able to get, beyond what would have been achievable individually.
"Wing man for life. WMFL. You up for a chest bump?" -- Andy Bernard, The Office S05E07
by hedgemeister November 15, 2008
acronym for Wingman For Life
Andy Bernard is Oscar's wmfl.
by WMFL November 20, 2008
Wingman for life
"Yeah bro, you're my WMFL fo shiz."
by 3nig November 13, 2008

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