used in reference to the female opening which through the ravages of time or perhaps overuse, has acquired the dimensions of a sorcerer's garment
First man: she looks a bit rough
Second; yeah, and a hole like a wizard's sleeve too
by Dawn Zulu February 07, 2011
The oversized female genitalia
My wand paled in comparison beside her all-encompassing (and overly moist) wizard's sleeve
by ChefSam April 30, 2006
A loose pussy
"I was fucking her wizard's sleeve, and I was thinking, damn, how many guys been here before?"
by MelissyAngel February 22, 2009
when a womans fanny has expanded to the estent that it resembles the sleeve of merlin himself. due to many sexual partners or regular fornications with an unaccomadatable penis, one may find herself with a spacious v agina, stretched by much pounding. see also:- 'cave'
"i took it 3 times from adam last night - his dick is nine inches dont you know!"
"holy shit love, you must have a fanny like a wizards sleeve!"
by annonymous15 November 06, 2006
When a woman has stretched her vagina to a point, using either hand or objects that she can fit her hand and wrist and a portion of her forearm inside.
That girl last night had a wizard's sleeve man!
by Ozymandus87 September 07, 2011
a particularly baggy "pork casing"
I was giving her 'one'last night but i might as well having been watching parkinson cos she was as baggy as a wizards sleeve, mum.
by churdler April 04, 2003
pete rutherford i.e a big fuckin cunt of a fanny that looks like a wizard
did you see that wizards sleeve cry like a bitch when he lost his contract
by cocknbollocks July 07, 2011

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