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Curiously large and therefore flappy, vagina lips.
"That bird last night was equipped with some monstrous wizard sleeves!"

Friend 1 - "What was her minge like?"
Mentally Scarred Friend - "Her pish flaps were huge!"
Friend 2 - "Wizard sleeves!"
by Gr8 October 12, 2007
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1) A nauseatingly floppy set of vaginal lips, usually attributable to over-penetration of the cunt. The skin is left to hang between the woman's thighs, never to please again.

2) A fine leather coming from aforementioned vaginal lips.

3) Fabric covering a Wizard's arms, sometimes made from aforementioned leather.
1) When we're having sex, I love when my girl whips me in the chest with her wizard sleeves. Shits so hot.

2) Children, what do you know about Wizard Sleeves?

3) These damn wizard sleeves keep dragging in my tuna pot pie, I need to get them hemmed!
by Jon of Hilton July 14, 2009
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The flab that old people get under their arms that flap around when they wave.
as she waved goodbye, her wizard sleeves were flapping in the wind.
by kkelli October 21, 2010
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A sex position. Starts of by guy shoving two fists up the woman's vagina. He widens his arms, then goes for the anal with his feet. Once he has his feet in the anal, he continues to slide his upper thigh all the way up the anal, while the two fists are still in the vagina. There for, after this position, the girl will be left with two holes as big as a wizards sleeve.
Guy 1:Dude, I gave her wizard sleeve's last night.

Guy 2: Nice! Did you get your thigh all the way up her booty?

Guy 1: Yeah it took like 30 minutes though, shit is fucking hard.
by Unforgiven Master September 17, 2009
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