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recognize and, in some cases, preach the gospel. See wordrecognize
let 'em know with a quickness, y'all better to witness.
by anonymous May 12, 2003
3 21
King Lebron. Lebron James. What Lebron James has done for the city of Cleveland and the Cavaliers.
We are all witnesses.
by Matt Ammiller May 19, 2006
122 56
to agree with someones' point or position. To see something as the truth.
My partner said that my ride was the baddest in the show. Witness!
by J. Hays July 16, 2006
31 23
someone who stays around for a friend so they don't get kidnapped and or raped by a rando.
Margaret I will be your witness, that dude is mad shiesty.
by Margoballsacks May 19, 2010
10 6
Someone who voluntarily contributes information to a court case,from what they saw at the scene of a crime.
The witness made it clear that she saw what had happened.
by MrsHippy October 05, 2012
6 4
A person or someone who is choosing to stay sober around non-sober people and shares the highlights of the night with those of a short memory.
"You want to take a shot?"

"Naw, I'm going to be a witness tonight."


"Trying to hit this blunt?"

"I think I'll be a witness today."
by Mananayaw September 11, 2009
9 9
Something Jehovah has too much of.
Christians don't go advertising their beliefs door-to-door at 7 in the morning.
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 06, 2003
24 32
To check out, or look at members of the opposite sex; part of the teenage mating ritual; to look and lust over another human
Look! Those boys are witnessing us!
by Casey Jo June 15, 2003
13 25