1) A U.S. state located in the midwest with Illinois bordering it to the south, Iowa and Minnesota to the west and Michigan to the northeast.

2) An ideal breeding ground for assholes, stuck-up pricks, and overweight gluttons and alcoholics.

3) A cesspool of shit-brained peoples whose intelligence can be compared to that of a 4-year old, and the lifestyle equilvalent to the 1970's.

4) Home of persons brainwashed and born to believe their home state is the best based on the number of lakes, hills, and scenic tourist areas it offers. However, those that claim these to be home are still assholes, drunks, morbidly obese, and/or less intelligent that a rock.

5) Famous for its use of the term FIB which is used to describe people from Illinois even though Wiscosinites only have awareness of the Chicagoland area and not of the rest of the state, thus representing the people of Wisconsin as ignorant as they are stuck-up, dumb, drunk, and morbidly obese.

6) Home to a historically decent football team, the Green Bay Packers, in which the team is in an unfortunate situation by having fans who are stuck-up, dumb, drunk, and morbidly obese when most of the players (if not all) on the team are not originally from Wisconsin, making them completely opposite of their fans.

7) A state known for having its natives delirious based on their habits for being alcoholics, obese, and brainwashed assholes, meaning nothing any of them say can be taken to have any meaning.
Wisconsin is a fun place to go and it's beautiful to see, especially since I always feel good about myself for not being an alcoholic, asshole, or mobidly obese person.

Sure, I might be a FIB to those people from Wisconsin because I drive a little too fast, but at least I'm not known to be an alcoholic, asshole, or mobidly obese person.
#asshole #obesity #alcoholic #packers #wisconsinite #drunk #dumb
by childofnox September 23, 2011
A state very similar to Michigan and (unfortuantly) Illinios. Wisconsin is, for some reason, famous for it's cheese. I wouldn't have a fucking clue because the only cheese I eat is the stuff on my burgers. The southern part of the state is mostly suburbs and cities. The largest city of Milwaukee, is actually quite boring. They make Miller beer, Harley motorcycles, and light switches. Milwaukee has a shitty pro-basketball team, the Bucks, an up-and-coming baseball team, the Brewers, and decent college Basketball teams, UWM and Marqutte.

The central part of the state is mainly farm land. Evinrude and Mercury outboard motors are made in central WI.

The north is pure back-coutry. Vilas and Oneida countys are the biggest examples of such. In the winter snowmobiling possibilies are endless, much like the U.P. of Michigan.

All in all, Wisconsion kicks ass. especially the north.
I'd take WI over Florida anyday. But I'd probably take the U.P. over Wisconsin.
#milwaukee #milwaukee brewers #peninsula state park #beer #miller #lakes
by rice hater March 24, 2006
Illinois' Largest State Park. A great place to visit when you've done all the cool things in Chicago.
"Hey, let's get in the VistaCruiser and go to Wisconsin this weekend: they still have trees!"
#frog #sleeper #johnson #alfred #make
by Wet Puppy February 04, 2010
Wisconsin- Often thought of a place filled with cheese and/or lakes, studies have shown Wisconsin doesn't exist. It is actually somewhat akin to unicorns, Canada, and Republicans.
"I was born in Wisconsin."
"Haha, dude I didn't just fall off the turnip truck yesterday, I know Wisconsin doesn't exist. Just like Canada. And Republicans."
#republicans #canada #unicorns #cheese #wisonsin #cheesehead #lakes #fantastical
by regretsareawaste April 22, 2008
Was like Czechoslovakia, that is before communism came to an end, and is now worse. Has nice parts but suffers from childish inferiority complex to Illinois. That is silly, because while Chicago is a fine town, the rest of Illinois is a wasteland.
Hey, it's Wisconsin. It like going to Czechoslovakia, we'll zip in we'll zip out.
#cheese #curds #dull #pleasant #vomit
by ThunderMummy October 27, 2005
A state where it was considered almost legal to hunt cats. The law was NOT passed on account of shooting cats is friggin' retarded.
Someone: I want to shoot cats!
Someone Else: Not here, beyotch! Getcher pussy elsewhere!
by John K. July 08, 2005
A state that is somehow more populated than Minnesota, but has about 100 times less to offer the world. They also have a total douchebag as a governor who only answers to his corporate overlords. I really feel bad for the people that got screwed by his actions. You are welcome to move to Illinois, where human beings are actually valued.

They have an NFL team in a town that really has no business having one (hey, let's give one to every mediocre small-sized town while we are at it). Their largest city is a suburb of Chicago. The state is overshadowed by such regional "power-players" as Indiana and Michigan.

Yes, I am aware that it has beer and fireworks. Big fuckin deal... so does every state in the U.S. South, and that is the nation's anus. Beer an Fireworks are not a measure of excellence.

Wisconsin does have some good things though. Their school system was one of the best in the country, but I am sure Scott Walker will have none of that in the future. Madison is kind of pretty, and cheese curds cannot be beat.
Bill: Hey let's go to Wisconsin

Ted: Cool, what are we going to do there?

Bill: um... they have beer and fireworks.

Ted: Safeway has beer too.

Bill: Yes... that is true.

Ted: ...and wtf are we going to do with fireworks? Besides there are women in THIS state that DON'T have facial hair... let's go set off some of them.

Bill: True... fuck Wisconsin.
#wisconsin #wi #milwaukee #wisc #midwest #wisconson #madison #fireworks #beer #cheese curds #green bay #green bay packers #scott walker #mid west #minnesota #illinois #indiana #michigan #chicago
by Flick507 May 08, 2011
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