only the second best place in the world on the best of the best come from wisconsin
you gotta have bigg balls to be in a club and holla you from Port Edwards wisconsin
by Danny Sway May 27, 2005
Breasts (from the state nickname, America's Dairyland)
Dude, the more weight Elsie lost? The better her Wisconsins looked...
by Bubba Cornflakes February 27, 2014
A state located in the north central united states that consumes copius amounts of alcohol and bratwurst. It constantly compares itself to its more sophisticated state to the west, Minnesota, but falls short in every category save for obesity. Wisconsinites come out in droves wearing blaze orange hunting gear with spongelike cheese hats to watch an equally pathetic football team known as the packers. Any objectivity regarding these packers is strongly discouraged. Women are measured in kilograms as to not embarrass them when weighing themselves next to women from other states weighing themselves in pounds. A typical night out for a Wisconsinite would include binge drinking, the combing of a mullet, and a shepherds pie.
She wasn't very attractive so I took her out for a Wisconsin dinner
by ozzystp February 12, 2012
1. A state where two fallen angels, Bartleby and Loki the Angel of Death, were eternally exiled to from heaven as the most severe punishment imaginable

2. Oshkosh nowhere
Did you see the movie Dogma? Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were trapped in Wisconsin for eternity!
by Anonymoustic November 28, 2010
By the time anyone that lives there is thirteen they:
1. Know their favorite alcoholic beverage
2. Have been drunk at least once
3. Know the best party spots, and
4. Root heartily for any team Brett Favre plays on

Most of the parents of all the kids are alright with drinking, even going so far as to attend or host the parties where underage drinking and smoking happen. Most people never leave the state (unless on a vacation to Florida) and the ones who do never go back. The state can be divided into two kinds of people; people who own farms and people who live next to farms. The roads are horrible even though roadwork is done continuously throughout the summer and fall. Extreme weather; humid and hot in the summer, cold and dry in the winter. Lot's of hunters, it's considered a normal thing when people have a party in a garage with a deer carcass drying in the same room. There is a long-standing debate among all Wisconsinites about whether Ford or Chevy trucks are better. Any self respecting Wisconsinite won't consume margarine, Kraft cheese, or skim milk. Apparently, there is some rivalry between Illinois and Wisconsin, though I've never encountered it and I've lived here all my life. Most of us own some kind of cabin by a lake where we go on weekends to have bonfires and play cards.
Wisconsin daughter: Mom, can we have a party tonight?
Wisconsin mom: Sure honey, what kind of beer do you want?
by purplemonkeypirate April 29, 2011
THE MOST UNDER-APPRECIATED STATE IN THE U.S.A! We make the cheese and the milk AND THE CREAM PUFFS! yea so our state has the most swine flu cases, and the streets aren't nessicaraly "safe" But its an amazing state. the Jonas Brothers Favorite State to come to on tour!
Wisconsin is ghetto and unsafe, but i wouldn't have it any other way
by Passion4jonas July 17, 2009
1) A U.S. state located in the midwest with Illinois bordering it to the south, Iowa and Minnesota to the west and Michigan to the northeast.

2) An ideal breeding ground for assholes, stuck-up pricks, and overweight gluttons and alcoholics.

3) A cesspool of shit-brained peoples whose intelligence can be compared to that of a 4-year old, and the lifestyle equilvalent to the 1970's.

4) Home of persons brainwashed and born to believe their home state is the best based on the number of lakes, hills, and scenic tourist areas it offers. However, those that claim these to be home are still assholes, drunks, morbidly obese, and/or less intelligent that a rock.

5) Famous for its use of the term FIB which is used to describe people from Illinois even though Wiscosinites only have awareness of the Chicagoland area and not of the rest of the state, thus representing the people of Wisconsin as ignorant as they are stuck-up, dumb, drunk, and morbidly obese.

6) Home to a historically decent football team, the Green Bay Packers, in which the team is in an unfortunate situation by having fans who are stuck-up, dumb, drunk, and morbidly obese when most of the players (if not all) on the team are not originally from Wisconsin, making them completely opposite of their fans.

7) A state known for having its natives delirious based on their habits for being alcoholics, obese, and brainwashed assholes, meaning nothing any of them say can be taken to have any meaning.
Wisconsin is a fun place to go and it's beautiful to see, especially since I always feel good about myself for not being an alcoholic, asshole, or mobidly obese person.

Sure, I might be a FIB to those people from Wisconsin because I drive a little too fast, but at least I'm not known to be an alcoholic, asshole, or mobidly obese person.
by childofnox September 23, 2011

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