An awesome state that is a paradise for outdoorsmen and city dwellers alike. It is illogical to call it "Minnesota Junior," being that it has a larger population than Minnesota by over 400,000. Madison rocks, it's easily the coolest state capitol and has one of the sweetest colleges in the country. Milwaukee offers all the amenities of a metropolis without being as much of a black hole for state resources like the Twin Cities or Chicago. Hurray for my northeastern neighbor Wisconsin.
While it is possible that Wisconsin is the best state in the Midwest, the Hawkeyes will always be better than the Badgers.
by Midwestern Son July 05, 2005
The only place with good beer and people who know how to drink it. Contains hot girls and guys with beer bellys. Places to go... the Dells, the Lake, Summerfest, and Stallis (j/k)There's lots of trailer parks and lots of homeless drunks. People do know how to drive!!!!! The best damn cheese on this side of the Mississippi! Milwaukee is of course the best city, only to be followed by Mad-town where people get very drunk every day. The cops suck and they're everywhere. And if you're black or a drug addict they beat you or force you to do sexual acts...Read the Journal. Also home of the Guffs, only one of the greatest bands to play Summerfest every year. Alpine rocks. There's also good beer and good brats, but I don't like those. Everyone born and raised in Wisconsin knows how to a. drink a lot a pass out b. do a 1 min or longer keg stand c. tip cows d. fuck fatties. We also say "eh" and "der"
person 1 "hey what are you doing tonight?"
person 2 " I don't know I just picked up a case of miller"
person 1 " lets go get drunk and fuck"
few beers later
person 1 "we can go to dat der festival by the lake"
person 2 "lets hang out by the rocks and smoke pot, then we'll find some hotties to make out with"
person 1 "eh"
by Big (tall) BRIE May 28, 2005
The state where girls drink shit beer better than guys from any other state can drink water...and where we somehow make money exporting the beer we think is too shitty to drink to poor college students in Boston...and then the Wisconsin girls go drink it there!
We drink like we're from Wisconsin, we talk like we're from Jersey, and we fuck like rabbits.
by Shannon December 16, 2003
Better schools than all you other stupid people in our country. Better state than Illinois. Oh, there really is cheese that tastes like ass, but no one eats it except old people. Home of the Green Bay Packers. People in Cancun like the Packers. Wisconsin is the best! We rock! Oh, we also have more people with "Canadian" accents than in Canada. Actually, it is just people who say "eh." Canadians dont say that, Wisconsinites do.
Cheese head!
by Joe August 14, 2003
where people know how to drink and party like no other!!
the theme song for Wisconsin is Beer! by Psychostick...nuff said.
by drunkbuddy November 06, 2007
Wisconsin is an awesome place to live. I know most people say they have good beer but that doesn't mean that they drink it too much. The Packers aren't so great but that doesn't mean that Wisconsinites are the same. Not everyone lives of a farm!!! There are many people who own homes but live the suburbs and don't own farms. There are also people who own farms but there is nothing wrong with that right!? Milwaukee is great! WISCONSIN IS AWESOME BIATCHES!
"Hey thats a nice house! Love the subdivision! Lets move here in Wisconsin instead of just coming for vacation!"
by Kyleee July 14, 2006
America’s Dairyland. The Badger State and unfortunately similar to Michigan or Minnesota. A state of the Upper Midwest/Great Lakes region bordering Lake Michigan, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and the putrid Toll Roads of Illinois to the south. Milwaukee is the largest city with some 580,000 in the city in a greater metro area of 1.6 million, just 90-miles north of Chicago. Madison is the 2nd largest city with some 220,000 people and is a nice college town as the main campus to UW. Other cities include Green Bay, Kenosha, Appleton, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Eau Clair and La Crosse. The rest of Wisconsin is very low key and conservative. It was the birthplace of American liberalism, thanks to the the La Follete family and the Progressive movement. Wisconsin often supports the Democrat party in national elections.

There are a few basic things almost everyone associates with Wisconsin: the Packers, Beer, Bratwursts and cheese. Wisconsinites cheer for the Green Bay Packers as though it is a religion or something and are called “Cheeseheads. Ironically, Green Bay is the smallest NFL market by far. However, Wisconsin has tons of bars and probably the most per-capita of any state. Wisconsin consumes more alcohol and has a higher people-to-bar ratio then any other state. It is not surprising that Milwaukee is a major beer producer. Many of its 5.7 million residents (ranking 19th in population) are descendants of Nordic Europeans where the people talk with a funny accent similar to Minnesota or Michigan. Natives pronounce the 2nd syllable in their state’s name as if it is coming from their nose. Words that end in “ike” are pronounced “oik” and words that have a short-A, like “bag” are pronounced “beg.” Wisconsin is one of those cold, northern Great Lakes states where fishing, hunting, snomobiling or skiing is popular in the winter. Many “downstate” residents have a cabin in Northern Wisconsin near one of the states THOUSANDS of lakes—more than most states. In fact, many people from the Chicago area to the south, frequently visit Lake Geneva to get away from the city. It may be a cold state but the women are HOT! Many of them can be seen around the UW campus in Madison. Try being there in the summer. Wisconsin Dells is the state’s largest tourist attraction and perhaps only amusement park while House on the Rock, in the town of Spring Green is also popular. Baraboo has a large circus museum.

It is known as “America’s Dairy Land” because it produces more cheese and dairy products per-capita than any state (but California leads the nation in overall production). As a result, Wisconsin is an important state in food processing. Oscar Meyer, Kraft and Johnsonville Brats have large plants in the state while Milwaukee is a major beer producer. The state’s largest industrial center is Milwaukee and is a major producer of tools, machinery, and Harley Davidsons. Wisconsin is a progressive state—much more so than its northern and eastern neighbor of Michigan and almost as much so as Minnesota. It has good schools and its teachers are among the highest paid in the country.

If the cold is the worst thing about this state, then it must be pretty good to live.
Despite its Upper Midwest location, WISCONSIN is a very desent state to live if you can take the cold. I wouldn’t live there just for this reason, but it is a very good state nonetheless.
by krock1dk January 05, 2008

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