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Wisconsin- Often thought of a place filled with cheese and/or lakes, studies have shown Wisconsin doesn't exist. It is actually somewhat akin to unicorns, Canada, and Republicans.
"I was born in Wisconsin."
"Haha, dude I didn't just fall off the turnip truck yesterday, I know Wisconsin doesn't exist. Just like Canada. And Republicans."
by regretsareawaste April 22, 2008
1.Cold fucking state (See also Minnesota
2. home of the Crazy Football Fans (Chedderheads, Cheese Heads)
3. Nice State but i like it where i live
1.Man it is fucking cold
2. WE LOST! *moons Leaving Visiting team and still doesn't get arrested*
3. meh if i stay here i'll either blow a cap in every Green Bay Native or in my own head.
by Scary Terry April 08, 2005
tenth circle of hell
its cold but its still hell
by fillis March 24, 2005
the largest suburb of chicago il.
wisconsin is only good for beer, cheese, fireworks, brats, ammo and bait all of which are purchaseable at a gas station
by jizzle dizzle July 24, 2006
Hey "Adam", you said, "Wisconsin is a state that has a GOOD football team. 100x better than illinois." That may be true, but who has the better college basketball team? That's right bitch, the Fighting Illini blow your Wisconsin ass right out of the St. Croix River. Oh, What now?

Don't take my comment to seriously dude, I personally don't have anything against Wisconsin or its residents. In fact, Wisconsinites are some of the nicest people I've ever met. You guys up there know how to take one day at a time, and that's cool. People in Wisconsin are friendlier than people in Illinois. Though, I'm not so sure you guys are smarter, I thought all men were created equal. Wisconsin Dells rocks! Don't be hatin' Illinois or Chicago. The Illini rock! Oh, and we are better drivers than you guys...ha-ha...
"Chicago rocks, and don't you forget it!"
by Britt April 03, 2005
A state north of Illinois, east of Minnisota and south/west of Michigan. Wisconsin is known for its almost disgusting abundance of alcohol and alcoholics. Citizens of this not so fine state have some unfounded, unreasonable, unsubstantiated hatred and fear of anyone from another state, especially Illinois. Wisconsinites are grotesquely ignorant and dimwitted. They seem to think that everyone from Illinois is a carbon copy of the jerks that they see from Chicago (not everyone from Chicago, just the jerks) eventhough the rest of Illinois is much like wisconsin with corn instead of dairy and flatter. People from Wisconsin seem to brag about everything, even negative things like adult/child sex and alchoholism. They also seem to maintain that they are the best for things that they have that every other state in the Union could easily meet or surpass.
We could say that in general, Wisconsin is filled with drunk, inbred, xenophobic retards, but that would be offensive to drunks, inbreaders, xenophobes and the mentally retarded.
by northendwhitetrash January 23, 2007
1) A state where watching grass grow could be considered an actual sport.
2) Most glorified dairy products on the planet.
3) The state that you DON'T want to live in.
4) A place where people think that just because the Pack won the first Super Bowl that they have the greatest team every season. (COUGH 4-12 COUGH)
5) A state that has an endless amount of dumbass Indian-named cities that has a 2-year learning curve to be able to pronounce the names correctly.
6) Has some of the highest taxes in the country for no particular reason at all.
7) Rednecks who hate gays are everywhere, but somehow it's a blue state every election.
Example 1: Wisconsin is Minnesota's bitch.

Example 2: Wisconsin, the only state where absolutely nothing happens.

Example 3: Wisconsin's only pride and joy is it's ridiculous abundance of alcohol.
by Adam Weiland June 25, 2006
Also Minnesota Junior
Billy: Hey Dad can we go to the Dells?
Dad: Sure Billy Minnesota Junior is nice during the summer!
by Bill January 05, 2005